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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
QUARTZ10000 National Microchip HCJ Not Provided Not Provided
QUARTZ110592 National Microchip CRYSTAL Not Provided Not Provided
QUARTZ4032 National Microchip HKC Not Provided Not Provided
QUARTZ389000 National Microchip TQG Not Provided Not Provided
QUARTZ1431818 National Microchip IQD Not Provided Not Provided
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    PROPERTIES OF FUSED QUARTZ. Technical Glass Products: Properties of Fused Quartz. 440.639.6399. PRODUCTS. Fused Quartz Tubing. Fused Quartz Rod. Plates & Discs. Microscope Slides. Fused Quartz Joints. Fused Quartz Labware. Fused Quartz Wool & Felt. Opaque Labware. Fritted Discs
  • Handling Notes for Quartz Crystals
    Generally, quartz crystals are designed to be quite insensitive against environmental conditions,. nevertheless care should be taken during transportation, storing and production to avoid. deteriorations of the crystal performance, or even destruction of the crystal component. �� Handling
  • Quartz Crystals
    Quartz crystals are found in a mined mineral formed as well as man-made fused quartz forms. Fused quartz is a high purity, crystalline form of silica used in specialized applications such as semiconductor wafer boats, furnace tubes, bell jars or quartzware, silicon melt crucibles, high performance
  • Quartz Versus Halogen for IR Moisture Analysis (.pdf)
    Infrared moisture analyzers have had a variety of heating element materials over the. last several decades. The two most common on today's market are quartz and halogen. Microsoft Word - Quartz vs Halogen.doc. APPLICATION NOTE. Quartz versus Halogen for IR Moisture Analysis. Infrared moisture
  • Quartz Viewport Transmission Curve
    All MDC quartz viewports are constructed from UV grade fused silica. Sleeve and flange materials are manufactured from high purity 304 stainless steel and vacuum tube grade braze alloys are designed and rated for high and ultrahigh vacuum applications. Fused silica is a polycrystalline, isotropic
  • Quartz Crystal Basics: From Raw Materials to Oscillators (.pdf)
    Here is an overview of the history, manufacture and current technology of quartz crystals, one of the most common components. in high frequency, high speed electronics. 1207_Tutorial.qxd High Frequency Design. From December 2007 High Frequency Electronics. Copyright © 2007 Summit Technical
  • Sourcing Complex Quartz Components
    - make structures composed of fused. quartz ideal for various industries. These range from semicondudor to fiber optic and. photovoltaic (solar) cell manufacturing, specialty lighting, and laboratory ware. ./6e48ac7f-0389-4ab6-aa17-63cc1518b271
  • OIM Analysis of a Monomineralic Quartz Rock from the Pilbara Region, NWAustralia (.pdf)
    The sample is a fine-grained chert from the Pilbara region in North-Western Australia and is approximately 3000 million years old. The quartz rock exhibits a strong foliation and OIM analysis was performed to determine the texture and intergranular deformation. The section was cut perpendicular

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