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Parts by Number for Quartz Crystal Resonators Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
TSX-322516.0000MF10U-B Perfect Parts Corporation SEIKO EPSON CORP Quartz Crystal QUARTZ CRYSTAL RESONATOR
NTF3238E Perfect Parts Corporation SARONIX Quartz Crystal QUARTZ CRYSTAL RESONATOR, 0.032768 MHz
FOXS/128-20 Perfect Parts Corporation FOX ELECTRONICS Quartz Crystal QUARTZ CRYSTAL RESONATOR, 12.288 MHz
E2SJAS-19.53125M Perfect Parts Corporation ECLIPTEK CORP Quartz Crystal QUARTZ CRYSTAL RESONATOR, 19.53125 MHz
ATS040SM Perfect Parts Corporation CTS CORP Quartz Crystal QUARTZ CRYSTAL RESONATOR, 4 MHz
E2SAA18-16.000M Perfect Parts Corporation ECLIPTEK CORP Quartz Crystal QUARTZ CRYSTAL RESONATOR, 16 MHz
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  • Interfacing a Micro Crystal MS1V-T1K 32.768 kHz Tuning Fork Crystal to a PIC16F690/SS
    CAPACITORS operation for their particular application. CD * CG C = --------------------- + C MICRO CRYSTAL MS1V-T1K EffectiveLoad Stray D + CGC The Micro Crystal MS1V-T1K is a high-quality tuning fork quartz crystal resonator. It is packaged in a square- Overtone Mode Suppression bodied 2x2x6 mm metal-can
  • Programmable Crystal Oscillators with Sub-ps Jitter and Multiple Frequency Capability
    of low-jitter,. high-frequency clock signals can be generated from a conventional fixed frequency. overtone quartz crystal. This eliminates the need to fabricate unique HFF crystals or. SAW resonators for each frequency. Besides the obvious manufacturing issues associated. with maintaining a wide range
  • Specifying Crystals for Use in VCXOx and TCXOs for Wireless Designs
    Quartz crystals can be an excellent choice for the frequency-determining component in wireless communication systems. Designers appreciate the high Q value (quality factor), reasonable cost, and temperature performance of quartz crystals relative to other options, such as inductor-capacitor
  • Consolidating Frequency Sources Using Oscillators and Clock Generators
    ) resonators and quartz crystal (made of silicon dioxide or SiO2) resonators. The primary. difference is that the ceramic resonators are lower cost and much less precise with initial accuracy of. >5000 ppm, and they drift significantly with temperature and age (~2000 ppm each in commercial
  • Oscillator Terms Glossary
    in the crystal unit. These can be reduced by maximizing the ratio of. quartz resonator mass to contamination mass by increasing the number of the overtone, and by careful design. and processing of the resonator. In a good oscil ator the aging rate wil tend to decrease with time. Aging rates in. OCXO's below
  • MEMS Oscillators
    Historically, reference oscillators used to clock a Phase Lock Loop circuit; providing a reference signal to any timing related circuit has predominantly utilized quartz crystals as the core resonators. The degree of difficulty associated with reducing the form-factor of these devices, while
  • Leveraging New Monolithic Integration of CMOS and MEMS Integration Technology
    . CMEMS� Oscillator Technology. CMEMS® Technology: Leveraging High-Volume CMOS. Manufacturing for MEMS-Based Frequency Control. Over the last five years, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) solutions have steadily eroded the. 100-year-old monopoly held by quartz crystal solutions for frequency
  • CMEMS (R) Oscillator Architecture
    . The $3 billion (USD) per year frequency control market has been dominated by quartz crystals and. quartz-based oscillators for many decades. Almost every type of electronic equipment relies in some. manner on a tiny piece of machined quartz rock to generate at least one of many potential operating