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  • To MACT and Beyond (.pdf)
    tower scrubber to remove air pollution emissions. The system was upgraded in the early '80s and configured with a thermal oxidizer, flue gas quenching stage, condensing section, a wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP) and induced draft fan. Mact&Beyond_Reprint.indd To MACT. and Beyond
  • Novel Method for Instantaneous, Quantitative Measurement of Molecular Mixing in Gaseous Flows
    We describe a novel method for making instantaneous, quantitative, planar measurements of fluid mixed at the molecular level in gaseous flows. The method relies on the effective oxygen quenching of the phosphorescence of luminescent tracers, such as acetone and biacetyl. The tracer's fluorescence
  • Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of Sintered NdFeB Magnets with Improved Impact Toughness
    of the commercial magnets. Withey et al.3 studied. the effect of quench rate on the brittleness of sintered. NdFeB-type magnets and concluded that fast quenching. from 1097 °C by immersion in liquid nitrogen or oil causes. significant deterioration in both magnetic and mechanical. properties. Horton et al.4
  • Tool Steel
    are always heat treated. Because the parts may distort during heat treatment, precision parts should be semifinished, heat treated, then finished. Severe distortion is most likely to occur during liquid quenching, so an alloy should be selected that provides the needed mechanical properties
  • Metallurgical Insights for Induction Heat Treaters. Part 5: Super-Hardening Phenomenon (.pdf)
    , Nev., March 19-21, 2002. 53-56 HRC by just relying exclusively on the cold sink. 4. V. Rudnev, Metallurgical insights for induction heat treaters, Part 2: Spray quenching. effect (no use of liquid quenchant). subtleties, Heat Treating Progress, ASM Intl., p 19-20, August 2007. 5. V. Rudnev
  • Low-Pressure Carburising Systems: A Review of Current Technology (.pdf)
    ) to employ; which type of vacuum. pump system to install; and which quenching gas to use. In particular, the selection of. carburising gas has a significant impact on the efficiency and cleanliness of the. process, and on deciding the most appropriate vacuum pump system. This paper. describes the current
  • SteeLog (R) - A Metallurgical Dictionary
    alloying elements to harden fully during cooling in air or other gaseous mediums from a temperature above its transformation range. Such steels attain their martensitic structure without going through the quenching process. Additions of chromium, nickel, molybdenum and manganese are effective toward
  • Transparent Oxygen Optodes in Environmental Applications at Fine Scale as Measured by Luminescence Lifetime Imaging
    . MATERIAL AND METHODS. 2.1. Optical oxygen measurement. 2.1.1. Planar optode. The dynamic quenching of luminescence by oxygen is the basis for the measurement of oxygen concentrations and. distributions in various systems. The applied sensors have a planar structure with the luminescent indicator

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