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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
8985003702 PLC Radwell Skil Bosch Machine Parts, Hose and Tubing COUPLING QUICK RELEASE SPRING ACTION
8985003702 PLC Radwell Bosch Machine Parts, Hose and Tubing COUPLING QUICK RELEASE SPRING ACTION
8985003702 PLC Radwell Hamac Machine Parts, Hose and Tubing COUPLING QUICK RELEASE SPRING ACTION
554580 PLC Radwell Scovill Pneumatics, Pneumatic Fitting COUPLING QUICK RELEASE
500412 PLC Radwell Parker Schrader Bellows Pneumatics, Pneumatic Fitting COUPLING QUICK RELEASE
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  • The Basics of Quick Disconnects
    Quick disconnect fittings (abbreviated as "QDCs" or "QDs") are used to provide fast and easy connection and disconnection of fluid lines. These fittings are also known as quick connects or quick release couplings. Typically quick disconnect fittings are operated by hand. They often are used
  • A guide to the selection of quick clamping systems for plastic injection moulds
    Fast and simple mould changing is vital to the efficient operation of many injection moulding installations. After operators have reduced mould changeover times by, for example, using quick release mould connectors, installing multi coupling plates and automatic mould transfer mechanisms
  • Medical Device Link .
    A line of compact, quick-disconnect couplings provides fast, safe, and virtually leak-free fluid-line connections. Suitable for analytical instrumentation and sterilizing and processing equipment, the patent-pending NS2 couplings enable high-flow fluid transfer. Also suitable for medical
  • How to Achieve Quicker Mould Changes: A Staubli Report
    . designed pre-heat station can ensure. operating at high pressure (6 bar) and. that the next mould is brought up to. control circuits, the appropriate quick. Multi-coupling plates can be designed to. RMP 48 couplings for the hydraulics. release coupling can be selected for any. match the specific
  • Basic Application of Ball Detent Torque Limiters
    email: Latest Posts. Elastomer Jaw Couplings: Not All are Created Equal. Vibration Damping in Drive Couplings. Basic Application of Ball Detent Torque Limiters. A Quick Refresher on Converting Coupling Torsional Stiffness. Why Use Mechanical Torque Limiters for Servo Drive Systems?. Posts
  • Liquid cooled LED arrays as bright as 30 headlights
    temperature distribution over the entire module that also takes other general conditions into account such as scalability in every direction and simple handling. The CeramCool Box that resulted from this effort also allows quick adaptation of the illumination to the respective application requirements without
  • Medical Device Link .
    information, contact Cookson Electronics, 7645 Woodland Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46278, USA; phone: +1 317 2441200; fax: +1 317 2402092; e-mail: cgillespie@; Internet: Centre Provides Rapid Custom Prototype Service. A plant offers quick-paced custom
  • Medical Device Link .
    fitting. The injection-moulded acetal thermoplastic couplings incorporate a patented plastic thumb latch that allows quick disconnection with one hand. The latch clicks audibly to indicate a secure connection. The couplings withstand temperatures up to 180°F, pressures from vacuum to 120 psi
  • Digital Holographic Capture and Optoelectronic Reconstruction for 3D Displays
    a frame, (b). sending data over transmission lines and finally (c) the. where. refresh rate of the SLM devices must have a sufficiently quick. to display ∼50 frames per second. We note that as technology. ur(x) = exp jα ,. (2a). improves these timing and transmission difficulties may well. recede
  • Medical Device Link .
    in the development of an IPC device that can respond to differing pressure needs, Huntleigh turned to Colder Products Co. GmbH (CPC; Mainz-Kastel, Germany), a supplier of interconnect products headquartered in St. Paul, MN, USA. Huntleigh set its sights on a push-button, quick-disconnect coupling that could