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Parts by Number for R2R Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
LMV331IDCKR/R2R ASAP Semiconductor NSC Not Provided Not Provided
4116R-R2R-253 ASAP Semiconductor BOURNS Not Provided THICK FILM MOLDED DIP
4308R-R2R-503L ASAP Semiconductor BOURNS Not Provided Fixed Re
4610X-R2R-122LF ASAP Semiconductor BOURNS Not Provided Not Provided
10X-R2R-253 ASAP Semiconductor BROWN 9813 Not Provided Not Provided

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  • D/A Conversion Using PWM and R-2R Ladders to Generate Sine and DTMF Waveforms
    of complex analog waveforms.: (PWM and R-2R Ladder). Both the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and resistor ladders require only a few external components to create a D/A converter with the PICmicro? microcontroller series. These techniques can be used to generate dual-tone multiplexed frequencies (DTMF
  • Medical Device Link .
    The Center for Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing (CAMM; Endicott, NY; ) is driving research and development to produce microelectronic components in a roll-to-roll (R2R) format. CAMM is a collaborative effort by Binghamton University (Binghamton, NY; ), Endicott Interconnect Technologies Inc
  • MICRO: Improving Overlay Performance
    that balancing act requires the use of process control strategies, including run-to-run (R2R) control. R2R control is achieved by gathering metrology and process tool data from previously processed production lots, analyzing the accumulated raw data, and forecasting optimum command offsets
  • MICRO: Round the Bitchin' Circuit
    in 1999, will share with USDC the nearly $2 million cost of a multiphase project to scale up high-volume, roll-to-roll (R2R) manufacturing capability for the production of flexible OLEDs.
  • The Camara Oscura Being Developed by South Coast Photonics Could Revolutionize the Way Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing of Electronic
    (flexible organic light-emitting device) features, the potential may even be much greater, says a market report from One of the most common methods used to make thin-film electronics is roll-to-roll (r2r) manufacturing, and there are currently
  • MICRO: Taking Control
    data. Based on production fab trial test and beta test data, the article illustrates how fabs can achieve both accurate and automatic control by accounting for maintenance events in their overall control strategy. Two major types of run-to-run (R2R) control methodologies are available: proportional
  • MICRO:Taking Control 2
    to uncontrolled drift in polishing process results. Virtually all CMP processes, therefore, update polishing tool recipes either automatically or manually to compensate for such disturbances. The most effective means of compensating for disturbances is automated run-to-run (R2R) control, batch
  • Inadequate Instrument Qualification and Analytical
    In 2011, almost three times as many US FDA. warning letters and FDA Form 483s were issued to. pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers. compared to 2010. The companies receiving these. citations in China, India, Canada, Spain, the United. Kingdom, and the United States were cited for