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  • Wideband Transformers
    . Application Note # 151. Wideband Transformers. Wideband transformers couple signals magnetically from. equal to (R /R )1/2 and the transformer secondary. L. S. input to output terminals with optimum transmission fidelity. terminated in R , the transformer input impedance equals. L. over broad frequency
  • Transformer Basics (.pdf)
    ingredients for Fish Provencale. But to those in the know, these terms simply define the type of sheet insulation used in the transformer manufacturing process. Kraft paper, fish paper (vulcanized fiber), Nomex (R), and Mylar (R). are some of the sheet film insulation materials commonly used
  • Offline LED Driver Intended for ENERGY STAR (R) Residential LED Luminaire Applications
    This reference document describes a built-and-tested,. GreenPoint (R) solution for an isolated 8 W constant current. LED driver which is intended to support the residential. power factor requirements of the DoE ENERGY STAR. Standard for Solid State Lighting Luminaires (Version 1.1. - 12/19/08
  • Littelfuse Varistor Design Examples (.pdf)
    . After determining voltage and peak current,. +. CC. R. 28V. C. energy stored and the peak current trans-. CC = STRAY CAPACITANCE. energy and power dissipation requirements. DC. L. = RELAY COIL INDUCTANCE. RC = RELAY COIL RESISTANCE. must be checked. For the given example, the. single pulse energy
  • Low Frequency Magnetic Transmitter Design
    . For an. antenna that is very small compared to the signal. wavelength, one does not have an efficient propagating. V. wave decaying at 1/r; instead, one has an attenuating. Source. Meter. field that falls off at 1/r.3. The effect, however, is negligible if the antenna dimen-. The TX and RX coils can
  • Basic Output Generator Excitation and Demodulation Requirements for USD Gyroscopes
    . oscillator types can include crystal based (the most accurate), or other types such as electronic phase-locked. loops (PLL’s), R-C and 555 based bi-stable, Wien bridge, or unijunction transistor based relaxation. oscillators (typically less accurate). The pickoff oscillator requirements, however
  • Magnetic Component Alternate Sourcing Strategies
    . Strategies. W H I T E. P A P E R. Magnetic Component Alternate Source Strategies. Introduc tion. Due to the complexities of circuit design and the highly customizable nature of magnetic components, such. as transformers and inductors, they are often overlooked by OEMs when it comes to alternate
  • Sychronous Rectification
    and perform more efficiently the rectification of the output voltage than rectifying diodes due to the low I×R drop through the channel. The N channel power MOSFET offers the lowest ON resistance and is relatively inexpensive. In order to reduce the MOSFET ON resistance, semiconductor manufacturers parallel

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