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  • Rack and Pinion Gears-Image
    Rack and Pinion Gears - (148 companies)
    Rack and pinion gears are used to convert rotation into linear motion. How to Select Rack and Pinion Gears. Rack and Pinion Gear. Image Credit: geardesign and What are Rack and Pinion Gears. Rack and pinion gears are used...
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    Gear Type
    Tooth Form
    Number of Teeth
  • Rack and Pinion Drives-Image
    Rack and Pinion Drives - (28 companies)
    How to Select Rack and Pinion Drives. Image Credit: Atlanta Drive Systems. What are Rack and Pinion Drives?. Rack and pinion drives use a rotational motor to affect linear motion via a rack and pinion combination. They are used frequently...
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  • Gear Manufacturing Services-Image
    Gear Manufacturing Services - (400 companies)
    ...operations on their smallparts to achieve intricate details. Racks have straight component with gear teeth; typically straight-toothed. Theymate with pinion (spur gear) for linear-rotary power transmission. Planetary gears have a gearing arrangement...
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  • Gears-Image
    Gears - (587 companies)
    ...gear is offset, and can best be considered a hybrid between a bevel gear and worm drive. Rack and pinion gears' change rotational movement into translation by the use of an infinite circumference, toothed mechanism. Spur gears transmit power amongst...
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  • Math Calculation Software-Image
    Math Calculation Software - (42 companies)
    Math calculation software is used to perform mathematical calculations. These programs provide general core calculations as well as graphical analysis that can be used in science, engineering and technology. Math calculation software is used...
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    Rack Enclosures - (474 companies)
    How to Select Rack Enclosures. Rack enclosures (rack cabinets, laboratory enclosures) are used to house standard 19 in. rack-mounted components or other standard-sized devices. They are designed to protect personnel from accidental injury...
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    Tool Racks and Tool Trays - (44 companies)
    Tool racks and tool trays are used to store and organize tools in an exposed manner so that tools are easy to identify, retrieve, and return. These wall-mounted or free-standing units may be designed for specific tool types, or suitable for general...
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    Industrial Shelving and Racking - (1122 companies)
    Image Credit: Rousseau Metal inc. | U.S. Plastic Corporation | Western Pacific Storage Solutions. Industrial shelving and racking is used to store items packed in totes, boxes, or cases. Many types of products are available. Examples include...
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    Rules and Length Gauges - (245 companies)
    ...comparators. Various technologies are used, such as a mechanical rack and pinion, magnetic pickup sensors, and glass scales with linear encoders. Length gauges are measuring devices used to find the length to a surface from a fixed point. It implements...
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    Scales and Balances - (971 companies)
    ...with a known-constant based upon Hooke's law. The degree of deflection is indicative of the weight of the item, and some scales use a rack and pinion mechanism to translate this deflection into a dial reading. Other mechanical scales rely upon a pendulum and fluid...
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