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  • Medical Device Link . The Effect of Molecular Orientation on the Radiation Stability of Polypropylene
    effect of the injection molding process is that it imparts molecular orientation to the plastic in the direction of polymer flow. The present investigation is designed to determine the effect of this orientation on the radiation resistance of PP, with the goal of aiding in the design, manufacture
  • Medical Device Link .
    and magnetic particles. The UV-400 Super Flood comes with a 400-W metal halide bulb that provides a steady-state intensity of 6500 uW/cm2 measured at 15 in. from the lamp's center. It can irradiate an area as large as 24 x 10 in. The unit emits no harmful UV-B radiation and weighs 36 lb. Spectronics Corp
  • Medical Device Link . Shelf-Life Prediction Methods and Applications
    all functional requirements upon initial testing does not guarantee its ultimate success. Before arriving in the hands of the end-user, a product must often be sterilized (frequently with ionizing radiation), shipped through various distribution channels, and subjected to shelf storage under varying
  • Atlas Fade-Ometer Identifies Cause of Degradation and Sets Standard For Firefighter's Turnout Gear
    grant, Atlas Material Testing Technology donated a Ci3000 Fade-Ometer (R). The Ci3000 Fade-Ometer uses a xenon-arc lamp that can simulate UV and visible solar radiation more closely than any other light source. It is the most widely preferred light source when the end use environment of the material
  • Medical Device Link .
    of radiation-compatible materials that are now being specified by device manufacturers. Nevertheless, gamma-related concerns remain. For instance, MDS Nordion generally recommends that gamma irradiation not be used on products made with Teflon, which can degrade under gamma exposure. But this isn't always
  • Medical Device Link .
    be given a colour stripe. Extruded product passes through a vertical infrared heating section as hot as 650�C, being guided downward and then up again in a controlled loop. The remainder of the line is a horizontal infrared channel with radiation heating from above and below at a maximum of. EMDM
  • Medical Device Link .
    and sterilization products, including a compact gamma sterilizer and an array of heat sealing equipment, are described that can help you to achieve this goal. Sterilization systems feature small footprints A new small-scale irradiator available from is designed to deliver radiation sterilization to batch loads
  • Medical Device Link . Materials Characterization as an Integral Part of Global Biocompatibility
    of more radiation-sterilizable and environmentally safe grades. Polymers for medical devices must be safe and mechanically appropriate. Photo: NAMSA Along with its increased demand for medical-grade plastics, the device industry has intensified its awareness of the need to ensure the safety

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