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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
rfRXD0420 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided The rfRXD0420/0920 are low cost, compact single frequency short-range radio receivers requiring only a minimum number of external components for a complete receiver system. The rfRXD0420 covers the receive frequency range of 300 MHz to 450 MHz and the rfRXD0920 covers 800 MHz to 930 MHz...
rfRXD0920 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided The rfRXD0920 is a low cost, compact single frequency short-range radio receiver requiring only a minimum number of external components for a complete receiver system. The rfRXD0920 covers 800 MHz to 930 MHz. The rfRXD0420 and rfRXD0920 share a common architecture. They can be configured...
Si4313 Silicon Labs Silicon Labs Not Provided EZRadio; single-ended GFSK/FSK/OOK receiver featuring continuous frequency operation over 240 –960 MHz and receive sensitivity of up to -118 dBm; simplified SPI MCU interface for radio customization and enhanced performance
Si4769 Silicon Labs Silicon Labs Audio and Video IC High-performance FM RDS/RBDS data receiver/alternative frequency scanner with MPX output/FM HD_radio tuner for HD radio data services, automotive qualified AEC-Q100
SI4735-B20GM ASAP Semiconductor SILICONLAB Not Provided RECEIVER, RADIO, MULTIBAND, 20QFN; Frequency Range:520kHz to 21.

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  • rfRXD0420 Receiver Module
    (see Figure 1) is a. Order Number. low cost, high performance UHF short-range radio ASK. receiver design using the Microchip Technology. Frequency. Single. 5 Pack. rfRXD0420. 315 MHz. AC164104. AC164106. 433.92 MHz. AC164103. AC164105. FIGURE 1: rfRXD0420 RECEIVER. MODULE. rfRXD0420 DESCRIPTION
  • Application: High Frequency Reed Relays for Portable Radio Communication
    The reed relay being. hermetically sealed and then encapsulated in a rugged over-molded epoxy,. can reliably transmit or receive radio frequencies between 3 MHz to 30 MHz. Microsoft Word - 2011_0203_PortableRadioCommunicationEquipmentUseReedRelays.doc Po. P r. o t. r a. t b. a l. b e. e R. a.
  • rfRXD0420 ASK Receiver Reference Design
    . The. INTRODUCTION. receive frequency is set by the crystal frequency (fXTAL). and intermediate frequency (fif). This application note describes a low cost, high. performance UHF short-range radio ASK receiver. For this reference design, low-side injection of the. design using the Microchip
  • Intro to Satellite Radio
    radio market, connecting the antenna to the RF receiver. SMB slide on connectors are the most prevalently used interface, providing a cost effective yet strong performing interface available in a wide variety of configurations. Car manufacturers use the FAKRA line of connectors, an SMB interface
  • Solving Your Radio Frequency Interference Problems (.pdf)
    frequencies and beyond. As more and more diverse uses for the radio spectrum emerge, the number of signals that may potentially cause interference inexorably increases. There are literally millions of radiators in operation at any one time in relatively small geographic areas. For example
  • Enhanced Node B Receiver Testing using the 6413A (.pdf)
    with. This test ensures that the Node B's receiver can receive the want-. the known transmitted bits. ed signal in the presence of an unwanted interfering signal on the. •. Compute the bit error ratio, display and compare to limits. adjacent radio channel. The test specification in 25.141 calls for. the test
  • Dual Receiver with Phase and Switched Diversity for Background Processing and Reception Improvement (.pdf)
    of a digital FM receiver which embodies. diversity reception, but this solution carries a significant. these functions is described. cost penalty. This paper presents a dual tuner design that. maintains diversity reception during background. INTRODUCTION. processing. The first objective of a radio receiver
  • Receiver Testing with the Anritsu MS2830A Signal Analyzer, MG3710A Vector Signal Generator, and S412E LMR Master
    level. New spectrum allocations push public safety radios up in frequency near 3G and 4G transmissions. Digital radios such as those that utilize the APCO Project 25 (aka P25) standard react to interference differently from analog radios. Receiver Testing with the Anritsu MS2830A Signal Analyzer

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