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    on the monitor of an automated external defibrillator. Complete inhibition of the pacing signal of a pacemaker by a pulsating magnetic field from a video display terminal. Failure of the R-wave detection circuitry of a cardiac defibrillator in the presence of a simulated muscle artifact signal from
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    be controlled or eliminated. ESD can damage or destroy sensitive electronic components, erase or alter magnetic media, and initiate explosions or fires in flammable environments. Accumulated static charge can halt mechanical processes by clogging the flow of materials. Static-attracted contaminants can
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    DeviceElectronic Article Security System Continuous Wave Magnetic Pulsed Magnetic Swept Radio Frequency Microwave Cardiac pacemaker 54%(29/54) 44%(24/54) 12%(4/33) 0%(0/5) Implanted cardiac defibrillator 0%(0/1) 0%(0/1) Table I. In vitro EAS system interactions with medical devices from published
  • High Spur Free Dynamic Range RF Photonic Links allow MIL SATCOM and RF Distribution Networks to Leverage Optical Communication Infrastructure (.pdf)
    to their high costs, limited RF. modern battle space (signal) Electro-. satellite communication signals. These. performance envelope, and prohibitive. Magnetic Environment (EME). signals are transported using a multi-strand. size, weight and power (SWaP) require-. single mode fiber optic cable
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    , noise can be coupled to the sensor circuit by any one of several ways, or by a combination of them. One avenue is common impedance coupling. Common impedance coupling occurs when two circuits share a common conductor or impedance even common power sources. Magnetic inductive coupling is another
  • Putting the Fight Bank in the F-5 (.pdf)
    . system, inertial navigation display system. increasingly were relegated to training. increased to forty-four, to provide enough. (INDS) adapter, magnetic azimuth. missions, as the Swiss took delivery of F-. aircraft to establish an adversary-training. indicator, radar video indicator, and radar. 18s