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UVM226 PLC Radwell Apprise Technologies Flame Safety Products, UV Sensor UV MINDER RADIOMETER/DOSIMETER
UVM226 PLC Radwell Chromaline Flame Safety Products, UV Sensor UV MINDER RADIOMETER/DOSIMETER

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  • Microwaves To Reveal Ocean Weather, Locate Land Mines
    of their model with microwave data taken by the WindRAD radiometer, a microwave sensor operated on a series of aircraft flights by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) between 1994 and 2000. From the window of a NASA DC-8 aircraft, WindRAD took passive microwave measurements off the coast of northern California
  • How Wet's Our Planet?
    different versions of Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer sensors that measure soil moisture indirectly, using microwave signals emitted from soil. Using a dielectric probe,. hydrologist Charles Laymon. and Alabama A &M student. Parmecia Jones collect soil. moisture data for comparison. with satellite
  • From Sky to Earth . . . Researchers Capture "Ground Truth "
    To obtain views of the soil surface from various angles, soil scientist Susan Moran uses a specially mounted radiometer that turns in many directions. The data she obtains will be used to correlate soil texture with crop vigor. Farmers will soon be able to get a bird's-eye view of the "back forty
  • World Weather: The Soil Has a Role Too
    an experimental soil-moisture sensor a bundle of antennae "sticks " called ESTAR, for Electronically Scanned Thinned Array Microwave Radiometer. "The antennae receive natural microwave emissions from the soil. The weaker the emission, the more the soil moisture, " Jackson explains. Together, the sticks, each
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    . The system is suited for automated processes. The OmniCure Series 2000 can be combined with the R2000 radiometer to set absolute irradiance levels and to calibrate the curing system. Multiple systems can be set from a single radiometer via a wireless or serial communication interface. Two welding machines
  • Medical Device Link . Showstoppers
    , and the absence of heat sensitivity produces more-reliable results." Other enhancements noted by Eberhardt include fewer calibration requirements and the capability of measuring different wavelengths simply by changing the sensor head. The radiometer includes dose and maximum-intensity
  • A Quick Way To Gauge Forage Nutrition
    . ". Remote sensing collects data by detecting and measuring reflected or emitted light, heat, sound, and radio waves. In this study, data was collected in the field with a hand-held commercial hyperspectral radiometer, which is a portable, lightwave-reading machine that was positioned to sample
  • Medical Device Link . Top Products and Services of the Year: Reader's Choice (continued)
    curing, photoresist processing, germicidal applications, laser processing, LEDs, and flash measurement. Featured products include the IL1400A radiometer/photometer, which uses smart preprogrammed detectors; the IL1700 research radiometer; and the IL1800 lock-in radiometer for precise measurement

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