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  • The Effect of Multiple Transverse Modes in Self-Mixing Sensors Based on Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers
    A waveform generator is used to supply a triangle waveform voltage. The desired VCSEL is placed in a mount which is fixed to an optical rail and a lens is used to collimate the beam.
    The BNC-2120 is a desktop or DIN rail - mountable accessory you can connect to E Series, S Series, and waveform generation Multifunction DAQ devices. ...for Timing I/O connections • Two user-defined BNC connectors • A function generator with the following...
  • Federal Register > Wednesday, February 26, 2014 > [79 FR 10765] Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) 247-Erie, Pennsylvania; Notification of Proposed Production Activity, ...
    ...kits; auxiliary light arrangement conduit assemblies; telecommunications cables; CMU Ethernet cables; telephone cables; arcnet-ethernet cables; conductors; cable displays; carbon brushes; filter brush kits; carbon brush generators ; brushes; traction motor brushes... ...crossing gate kits; gate rail kits; mounting kits; cantilever gates; CTS... ...electronic system periodic testers; spectrum analyzers; hipot test stations; electromagnetic test kits; arbitrary waveform generators; voltage measuring...
  • Filled and unfilled temperature-dependent epoxy resin blends for lossy transducer substrates
    The coaxial alignment was achieved by fixing each component of the apparatus—transducer, mounting bracket, and hydrophone—along an optical rail (9731, new Focus, san Jose, ca), which also allowed the distance between components to be set arbitrarily while maintaining alignment. Measurements were recorded at 5°c increments over the range 5 to 40°c. a 50-cycle 5 MHz waveform was programmed on an arbitrary waveform gen- erator (aWG2021, sony/Tektronix, Beaverton, or).
  • Effect of hydrodynamic interaction on energy harvesting in arrays of ionic polymer metal composites vibrating in a viscous fluid
    The array is installed on a mobile support composed of two low friction polyethylene sliding carriages, which are mounted on a guide rail . The excitation waveform imparted by the shaker is controlled by an Agilent 33210A function generator , which is connected to a Bruel & Kjaer 2718 power amplifier.
  • On-track testing of a power harvesting device for railroad track health monitoring
    In order to determine the distance that the railroad track was displaced vertically by the train, a ruler was mounted next to the device and rail , and the displacement was visually confirmed to be approximately 0.5 inches of track deflection. From the resulting waveform in Figure 6, as each railcar passed over the device, the track deflected... Since train speed affects the levels of power the generator can output, the speed of the train...
  • Electric railway traction. VI. Electromagnetic compatibility disturbance-sources and equipment susceptibility addition to introducing harmonic noise into the traction system through distorted voltage waveforms arriving from the... Track and traction line: The catenary or conductor rail and the running railstransmit power to and from... ...the earth and changing traction vehicle loads creates unbalanced magnetic fields in the vicinity of the train the timevariation of traction current in the line may act as a near-field radiation generator the catenary support insulators mounted on masts, typically a...
  • A reconfigurable IC for wireless monitoring of chemical or electrical neural activity
    It draws ~24μA and incorporates a class AB output with rail-to- rail I/O capability to generate the FSCV waveform with a programmable sweep rate of 100-500V/s, typically used in neurochemistry. The FSCV waveform generator , including the memory, occupies an active area of 1,758μm × 600μm, and... The oscillator requires only one off-chip high-Q surface- mount inductor for operation, occupies an active...
  • A 10000 frames/s CMOS digital pixel sensor
    The pulse generator was used to drive the DPS chip’s readout clock and the waveform generators were used for the analog ramp, PG, TX, and Pixel Reset. An optical device mounting rail was used to hold the test board as well as various optical components such as an integrating sphere, test image projection hardware, lenses, and objects used as imaging targets.
  • Experimental validation of a TOA UWB ranging platform with the energy detection receiver
    The trigger unit that provides the time synchronization between the transmitter and the receiver, consists of a Tektronix AWG 7122B Arbitrary Waveform Generator and an Analog Devices AD9516 PLL evaluation board that adjusts the trigger signal in frequency and amplitude as required... The two UWB antennas are mounted on a rail guide allowing for distance change and are connected to the measurement equipment via high quality Sucoflex 104PE cables.