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  • Audible Alarm Use and Equipment Integrity Challenges
    can. L-Bracket used to mount a panel-. be used to mount the alarm external to the equipment. mounted audible signal internal or. external to the equipment. Other Considerations. If the audible alarm will be exposed to rain or a water wash down, the nose of the device. should be mounted either down
  • Alarm Control for Sewage Lift Station Monitoring Systems
    E2210 is also used to connect rain gauges and flow meters. By using the ioLogik's counter mechanism, engineers can track the rainfall intensity and wastewater flow speed for any potential flood alarms. To provide onsite security for lift stations, which are often remote and widespread, the ioLogik
  • An Alarming Situation on Passenger Railcars
    all electronic. 4411 S. High School Rd. components must offer a long life. Additionally, Indianapolis, IN 46241. one of the audible alarms is typically mounted on 317-612-1000 (ph). the outside of the railcar, so this audible alarm must. (email). also hold up under rain
  • Reliability of MS8000 Level Switch Put to the Test in Costa Rica Rainforest
    research and the development of new ways to use the rainforest without destroying it. There are several streams high in the mountains which feed into a double waterfall above the Rara Avis complex. During the construction of this complex, it was found that heavy rain that fell high up
  • Make Your Own Weather Station Using a dataTaker DT80M
    the weather from a remote location. You 'll need your DT80M intelligent datalogger as well as the following sensors: a Vaisala Temperature and Humidity probe, a tipping bucket rain gauge, an anemometer to measure wind speed/pressure, and a wind vane. Ideal for outdoor installation within an enclosure
  • Compactor Options That Make A Difference
    infestation, odor problems and more. Doghouses enclose your system and can be locked to prevent unwanted usage while keeping out rain and snow that add unnecessary weight to your waste loads. Chutes attached to your building can be loaded from inside, eliminating trips outside that leave your facility
  • V-Cone Flow Meter Solves Nuclear Underwater Measurement Problem
    , then the values increase. Conversely, as moisture is used by the crop or lost to evaporation then the values decrease. This allows Black Gold managers to easily monitor the activity at each depth. * Rainfall and irrigation (green bars) are measured using an irrigation rain gauge mounted with the soil
  • Greater Harris County 9-1-1 / Case Study
    a local representative like Bud Griffin &. GHC 9-1-1 is responsible for providing the 9-1-1. Associates. The most dramatic example of the value. communications network for 46 other municipalities. of local support occurred when 40 inches of rain fell. within the area it serves. These municipalities have

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