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  • Coming to a computer near you: Magnetic Memory
    demonstrated a 256-kbit magnetic RAM. The chip had a read/write cycle time of 35 nsec and consumed 24 mW at 3V. Motorola believes such chips may one day replace all existing semiconductor memories. Some day soon, we may have trouble explaining to our kids the concept of a computer booting up. Just
  • Code Design for Dependable Systems - Preface
    (SEC-DED) codes, the. modified double-bit error correcting BCH codes, and the memory on-chip codes. For the. memory systems using byte-organized RAM chips, single-byte error correcting (SbEC). codes, and single-byte error correcting and double-byte error detecting (SbEC-DbED). codes, are presented
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    will use its budget to ramp up its new 300mm fab, start the move to 0.11-micron processing, bring on a new Generation 5 LCD fab, jump into new silicon-germanium chips, and enter the specialty network DRAM market on the side of Fast Cycle RAM. Cymer's 'Raptor' technology attacks power issues
  • Computer Power User Article - Jetway ATI Radeon 9550 (256MB)
    more and comes loaded with 256MB DDR RAM. If you don't believe extra RAM makes much of a difference in performance when it comes to graphics cards, think again.
  • Computer Power User Article - The ArtMac
    the Rage 128 had some life in it. Money spent so far: $439; Xbench score: 124.76; Photoshop batch time: 1:02 RAM is cheap. RAM is fun. More RAM should go to everyone. With four slots, the G4 can handle up to 2GB of RAM but only PC100, thanks to the glacial 100MHz system bus. (Upgrading the motherboard
  • Smart Computing Article - Booting Your PC
    and manages its basic components, such as the keyboard, monitor, and disk drives. Unlike random-access memory (RAM), the BIOS is stored in ROM and does not blank out when a PC is switched off. The BIOS is waiting to perform its tasks when you turn on a
  • Smart Computing Article - Focusing On Digital Cameras
    CMOS chips instead. CMOS chips are easier and less expensive to make and require less power than CCDs, but CMOS chips are vulnerable to damage from static electricity and they often do not deliver the same image quality as CCDs. An electronic component used for RAM (random-access memory) and fast
  • Computer Power User Article - X-ray Vision
    storage capacities of DRAM; has the same extremely high data retrieval speeds of SRAM (static RAM); and is nonvolatile (it has no moving parts), just like flash memory. MRAM chips should be smaller than other types of memory chips because MRAM data storage can be extremely dense. Best of all, MRAM

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