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  • Spur Gear Calculations (.pdf)
    3.21 Contact Ratio. To assure smooth continuous tooth action, as one pair of teeth ceases contact a succeeding pair of teeth must already have come into engagement. It is desirable to have as much overlap as possible. The measure of this overlapping is the contact ratio. This is a ratio
  • Software puts teeth into gear design
    and no interference of tip and root. The presizing module lets users type in a minimal number of inputs to calculate several preliminary solutions for a gearset design. The user has selected a solution (the highlighted one) near the specified transmissionreduction ratio, with the correct number of gear teeth
  • Basics of Configuring Drives
    in such drives. The more common ones include reduction ratios, efficiency calculations, mass inertia, and a description of mechanical play. indicates the ratio between the angular velocity at the input o ) and the angular velocity at the output o ). In linear motion drives, we define the reduction
  • Investigation of the Influence of Transducer Electronic Data Sheets (TEDS) on Calibration Results
    with force and voltage ratio calibrations. With force calibration according to ISO 376 a 3rd degree polynomial equation is calculated from the calibration results. With a new kind of amplifier it is possible to store the coefficients of this polynomial equation and make an online calculation. The results
  • Finite Element Analysis Report - Advantages of the CTE Matched Flange
    layers were not modeled since the thickness of these layers dictate that the thermal expansion of the base materials would not be affected. Including these thin layers would also have introduced modeling elements of drastic aspect ratio. Such elements tend to degrade the analysis accuracy
  • Bulk Density of Powders Made Easy
    for bulk density are usually made using a Hausner Ratio or Carr Index, which compute a ratio of powder in a loose fill condition to tapped bulk density. Both the Hausner Ratio and Carr Index, while establishing flowability empirically, have been criticized in industry as not having a strong theoretical
  • Choosing the Correct Illumination
    , can hide important image information, as can shadowing. In addition, shadowing can also cause false edge calculations when measuring, resulting in inaccurate measurements. Poor illumination can also result in a low signal-to-noise ratio. Non-uniform lighting, in particular, can harm signal-to-noise
  • Power and efficiency drive motor selection
    as the ratio of output to input power and expressed as a percent from = output power, W, and Peak efficiencies range from about 55 to 65% for brush-type motors and from 70 to 80% for brushless motors, depending on the magnetic materials used. Motors with higher efficiencies tend to be more expensive

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