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Parts by Number for RC Battery Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
LIH13 ASAP Semiconductor LENMAR ENTERPRISES Not Provided Li-Ion Battery for RC/ Hitachi (LIH13)

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  • Auto-calibration of the PIC12F6XX Internal RC Oscillator to ± 1%
    volume production environment. 2. Battery applications using on-board calibration to recalibrate the internal RC oscillator as the battery voltage drops. 3. Applications that are exposed to a varying voltage and temperature range could have intelligent on-board recalibration. AN250 Auto-calibration
  • RC Model Aircraft Motor Control
    will describe the design and construction of two small speed controls appropriate for flying model airplanes up to 6 lbs. Many of the control techniques in this application note can easily be used with larger DC motors in different applications. AN847 RC Model Aircraft Motor Control AN847. RC Model
  • Lead Acid Battery Charger using the PIC14C000
    ). Determine. Once the measurement/decision cycle is complete, the. initial. controller goes to sleep for about 1.15 seconds (subject. charge. to the drift of the WDTs internal RC oscillator). Time-out. of the WDT wakes up the controller and continues the. cycle. The sleep cycle is used to save power and let
  • Selecting the Right Battery System for Cost-Sensitive Portable Applications While Maintaining Excellent Quality
    of the important factors in the portable electronic design process. It involves )selecting a battery chemistry and charge management ty ) gity Ls V) /K it / nsin (u hre eg hr -control circuitry. The battery life indicates the length a )- rc gDe n ))i D i Vy tay eCW (V (Vat (W gg g ( r er e gproduct can be used
  • KEELOQ (R) Encoders Oscillator Calibration
    . reflects in ample tolerances on the transmission baud. rate, LED flashing and, in general, on most device tim-. ings. Further, being a simple RC clock circuit, it is. affected by battery voltage and temperature. In most. OVERVIEW. applications, however, the convenience of being able to. dispense
  • The Case for Electric Motors in Unmanned Vehicle (.pdf)
    target. As a result, information and any element. steel ring with an outside diameter of approximately. of surprise are lost. The problems extend beyond. 8.3 inches and a copper colored inner ring with an. the noise, which sounds much like an RC-controlled. inside diameter of 7.5 inches. It doesn’t
  • Simple Synchronous Buck Converter Design - MCP1612
    of. these low-current draw modes, along with the high. L. COUT. RC. CC. efficiency, extend battery life. 3.3 µH. 10.0 µF. 22 kΩ. 1000 pF. 2.2 µH. 4.7 µF. 12 kΩ. 1000 pF.  2005 Microchip Technology Inc. DS00968A-page 3. AN968. PRACTICAL DESIGN EXAMPLE. 60. 200. A buck converter with the following design
  • Implementing Wake-Up on Keystroke
    the PIC16CXXX to sleep during. level through resistor R1. Note that the RC values have. inactive states and when a key is pressed, the. been chosen such that the discharge and charge. PIC16CXXX wakes up, performs the task, and then. cycles times are less than the reset time for the device. goes back