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  • X-ray Instruments and X-ray Systems-Image
    X-ray Instruments and X-ray Systems - (279 companies)
    X-Ray Instruments and X-Ray Systems Information. X-ray instruments and X-ray systems use penetrating X-rays or gamma radiation to capture images of the internal structure of a part or finished product. The density and composition of the internal... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometers - (84 companies)
    ...ray fluorescence spectrometers are usually powdered and pressed into a wafer or fused in a borate glass. The sample is then placed in the sample chamber of the XRF spectrometer, and irradiated with a primary X-ray beam. The X-ray fluorescence is measured either... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Capacitance Testers-Image
    Capacitance Testers - (45 companies) a type of tester that reads the capacitor 's charge and may also monitor other impedance measurements including resistance and inductance. Capacitance testers measure different ranges of charge; a typical handheld device may range from 200pF to 20mF... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    X-ray Sources - (57 companies)
    X-ray sources are lamps that generate or produce X-rays, a form of electromagnetic radiation, for non-destructive testing (NDT) or inspection. How to Select X-Ray Sources. What are X-Ray Sources?. X-ray sources are vacuum tubes that use... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Anechoic Chambers - (39 companies)
    They are usually constructed with cement or brick walls to keep outside sound from entering the chamber. Inside, the chamber is lined with fiberglass wedges to absorb the sound waves. Anechoic chambers that are used to study or test electromagnetic... Learn More
  • Vacuum Chambers and Components - (155 companies)
    ...for manufacturing thin films, microelectronics, optics and materials. Chambers usually consist of a series of components such as a baseplate, feedthrough collar and service well that together provide a complete chamber. Complex vacuum chambers are often... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Electrical Capacitance Sensors - (18 companies)
    Electrical capacitance sensors detect and measure capacitance, the charge storage capacity of an electronic component. Electrical capacitance sensors detect and measure capacitance, which is the ability to store an electrical charge. Capacitive... Learn More
  • Capacitance Meters - (110 companies)
    ...with the parallel equivalent circuit model. Rp is the equivalent series resistance measured using the series equivalent circuit model with capacitance meters. Capacitance Performance Specification. Performance specifications for capacitance meters... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Germination Chambers - (11 companies)
    Germination chambers are used to sprout seeds for research and commerical applications. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Video Cameras - (1650 companies)
    Cameras function by capturing light from the visible spectrum as well others parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. This is controlled by only allowing light into the recording chamber through a hollow tube called the aperture. This light... Search by Specification | Learn More
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  • Smart Material Systems and MEMS: Design and Development Methodologies
    ...rates, 260, 269 in deposition techniques, 263, 266, 332 ionization of, 260 Plastics PMMA (poly( methylmethacrylate)), 18, 277, 343 Polycarbonate (PC), in injection molding, 291 PDMS process in x -ray lithography, 275 Polyethylene... ...for, 27 Polyoxymethylene (paM) resist , 291 properties, 282 Polysilicon... Pyrex, 50 PZT mounted beam actuator, modeling of, 203 PZT, Capacitance , 218 Q_matrix, 126 Quadratic bar element, 169, 170 Quadratic functional, 152 Quadratic... ...thermal annealing (RTA), 307 Rare earth elements, 5 Rate of formation, 33 Reaction chamber , 243 Rectangular element, FEM...
  • Abstracts
    ...the most distal 1 cm of colon were mounted in a modified Ussing chamber and short-circuited. At 7-10 days following DMH the entire colon appeared normal, however, the impedance spectrum was significantly altered from control as demon- strated by Nyquist plots showing the mean ± sere resistance (R) and reactance ( X ) at each frequency. Curve fits to individual spectra suggest that membrane resistance (R=) is increased but capacitance (C= .
  • Index to Subjects
    ...3315 Traveling-Wave Tube: 3320 lBearing Information: 3388 Course-Line Computer: 3388 Navigation: 3388 Aircraft: 3388 Beta-Ray Counters: 3405 Testing: 3405 iBetatron: 3462 Electron Ejection: 3462 Electron Injection: 3462 X -Ray Monitoring: 3462 Binary... ...Bridged-Ladder Networks: 3396 Resistance - Reactance : 3396 ! ...Life Testing: 3407 Resonances: 3322 iCarzers, Engineering: 3531, 3532 In Industry: 3531 Opportunities: 3532 Cataloging Systems: 3338 Electronic: 3338 Cathode Followers: 3350, 3408 Effects of Grid-to-Cathode Capacitance : 3408 Gain: 3408 Input... ...Propagation: 3266 Meterological: 3266 Chambers : 3260 Ionization: 3260 Changers...
  • Excitation of the half-frequency of the input signal in the response of an antenna immersed in a plasma
    X ,, source and the circuit, resistance representing the losses in the ion sheath, voltage drop on the R,CR... ...ion sheath, resistance representing the losses in the antenna and in the plasma, reactance representing the coupling between... ...surfaces in the plasma chamber in presence of the... For a cylindrical antenna of length L and radius a , the capacitance C, for the simple model...
  • A Note on Acoustic Horns
    Mouth area, 490 square inches; throat area, 17.5 square inches; horn length, 22 inches; solid curve r resistive component; dashed curve x reactive component; dotted curve r' resistive component as ordinarilv illustiated; dotted curve x' reactive component as ordinarily illustrated. ...component should, ideally, be offset by the driving-motor-diaphragm suspension stiffness and/or by an air chamber . In one practical design the combination of an air-chamber capacitance with sus- pension compliance was such...
  • Physiology of the human
    ...peak bone measured osteoporosis 791 peak expiratory flow (PEF) 703, activated exspiratorische vital capacity (FVC), 715 peak... ...web of perfusion-breathing gas 768 perfusion pressure more adequate maintenance 608 perfusion distribution, regional, lung circulation 720 Perilymphe 320, 322, 323, 338 Perimetrie 372, kinetische/statische 372, perinukleärer space 6, 8 perinukleärer gap... ...pulses 579-580 peripheral resistance 598-Glukokortikosteroide 456, epinephrine... ...Dyslexie 242, body odor 399 PHEX (phosphates regulating homology of of protease on X chromosome) 688 pH... ...884-885 physiological performance tests 866 physiological calorific value 782, 835 physical accompanying reactions 866 physostigmine plaque...
  • Fabrication and mathematical analysis of an electrochemical microactuator (ECM) using electrodes coated with platinum nano-particles
    The pressure drop from the ECM chamber to the outlet was then easily estimated to be around... To help analyze the dynamic behaviors of the system, the resistances and the double layer capacitance in the Randles equivalent circuit model of the micro reaction cell were measured using electrochemical impedance spec- troscopy with a pulse input. ...about 1,200 lF, solution resistance R1 was measured to be about 480 X , and the polarization...
  • Fundamentals of Hybrid Rocket Combustion and Propulsion > Index
    ...pyrolysis model, 331 radiative transfer model, 330–331 solid-gas interface formulation, 332 Plasma capacitance gauge, 185–187 application... See PE Port chamber , 395–396 Postcombustion chamber, 396 Post-fire fuel grains, 474–477 Precombustion chamber, 395 Pressure... Radial velocity distribution, 263–264 maxima, 264 Radial-injection end-burning hybrids, 105–106 Radiative transfer model, 330–331 Real time X -ray radiography, 179–182 applications... ...69–81 gas-phase chemical reaction kinetics, 72–73 heterogeneous surface... ...24–25 Representative flowfields, 334–337 Resistance -based regression measurement technologies...
  • Characterization of Damp-Heat Degradation of CuInGaSe2 Solar Cell Components and Devices by (Electrochemical) Impedance Spectroscopy: Preprint
    Bare and encapsulated sample sets were separately prepared and exposed in an environmental chamber at 85o C... The moisture-dampened Al-doped ZnO (AZO) and bilayer ZnO (BZO) likely underwent hydrolytic “capacitor-forming�? reaction by DH, resulting in "transient" behavior of very high resistance in ECIS that was not detected by four-point probe. ...0.21 ohm/h using a moisture-permeable Tedlar/Polyester/Tedlar (TPT) backsheet to 1.0 x 10-3 ohm/h... Key resistance and capacitance parameters extracted by curve fitting of impedance data clearly showed the variation and...
  • Effects of the deposition temperature on the resistivity of copper films produced by low-pressure metal-organic chemical vapour deposition on a TiN barrier lay...
    The reaction chamber , made of 316 stainless steel, is a cold-wall type and the gases are showered downwards to the substrate. The substrate is heated by the resistant heater and the substrate temperature is measured by a K... The vacuum system consists of the capacitance manometer (Baratron pressure gauge, MKS Co.) and the mechanical rotary... The TiN substrates, size 2 x 2 cm2, were prepared by sputtering on the p-type (1...
  • Rate controlling processes for crack growth in hydrogen sulfide for an alsl 4340 steel
    Gas pressure was monitored by a capacitance manometer, and gas purity was monitored by periodic sampling with a quadrupole residual gas analyzer attached to the chamber . ...established and maintained during each experiment by either heating the chamber with electrical resistance tapes, or by... ...tion was estimated to be about 10/~m, and crack growth rate resolution, 2 x 10-s m/s. ~3 Auger electron spectroscopy was used to study the kinetics of surface reactions , and to determine the...
  • Impedance technique for measuring dielectrophoretic collection of microbiological particles
    In each arm of the bridge the electrode chamber represented by conductance, G, in parallel with capacitor... |v0| |v0| = − (R + R1) R + ( X + X1) X (R + R1)2 + (X + X1)2 (3a) . ...X + X1) R (R + R1)2 + (X + X1)2 (3b) . where |v0| is the magnitude of the voltage dropped prior to the application of the DEP drive voltage, R and X are the equivalent series resistance and reactance of the parallel combination... suggested above, dielectrophoretic collection causes mainly a change in the low-frequency capacitance , C, of the...
  • Constant temperature: a study of principles in electric thermostat design; and a mains-operated isothermal chamber constant to one-thousandth of a degree centi...
    S •• Compensating lamp, tungsten, rated 6 volts X 0-06 amp. residual out-of-balance p.d., whether of the fundamental or the harmonic frequencies, which is still present when the temperature of the chamber is that which produces resistance balance, will in general affect the translator and the slave coil; and this... An idea of the significance of stray reactance in this respect is obtained on putting numerical values... C is a stray capacitance of large reactance mR, and L is a stray inductance $i small...
  • Repetitorium Internistische intensive medicine
    ...alveolar 47 − without perfusion 48 Ventilations-Perfusions-scintigraphy 242 ventilation-perfusion-ratio 47 occlusive to venous ventilation disorder, cause 47 fan induced lung injury 277 Ventolair s. arterial to 460 ventricles, reaction Verbal to 414 passage space 119 verapamil 184 of... ...421 Vitalipid 80, transfusionsassoziierte 91 Virusmyokarditis 172 Virusperikarditis 175 Vistide 590 Viszeralchirurgie, vital capacity 48 − occlusive... ...Weaningprotokoll 60 waking amines 467 wedge pressure 458, 477 Whipple Triassic, hypoglycaemia 438 resistance , systemic to 7... X .

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