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  • Laboratory Balances-Image
    Laboratory Balances - (253 companies)
    ...fulcrum, a pointer which attaches to the beam and amplifies deviation from the balance position, and fractional weights which are applied along the beam 's measuring arm. Laboratory balances provide high readability, a broad weighting range, and a high... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Scales and Balances-Image
    Scales and Balances - (995 companies)
    ...micrograms to megagrams, or ounces to tons. Scale vs. Balance. Balances were common in prehistory to determine relative weights rather than absolute weight. The most common type of balance relies upon a horizontal lever of equal arm lengths which pivot... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Chilled Beams - (35 companies)
    Chilled Beams are a type of convection HVAC system that are used to heat or cool rooms. Pipes of hot or cold water are passed through the beam. As the beam heats or cools it radiates the warmth or coolness to the surrounding air. Image Credit... Learn More
  • Beams, Joists, and Wall Studs-Image
    Beams, Joists, and Wall Studs - (223 companies)
    ...of more supports. Cantilever beams or cantilevers are supported on only end. With these rafters, beams and joists, the beam carries the load to the support, where it is resisted by moment and shear stress. Rafters, beams and joists are used in several... Learn More
  • Ion Beam Guns and Electron Beam Guns-Image
    Ion Beam Guns and Electron Beam Guns - (65 companies)
    Ion beam guns and electron beam guns produce beams of electrons, ions or other particles for use in chemical and surface analysis, particle physics, resin curing or semiconductor manufacturing. How to Select Ion Beam Guns and Electron Beam Guns... Learn More
  • Beam Clamps - (54 companies)
    Beam clamps are structural attachments used to clamp onto a steel beam for support or lifting and rigging applications. Beam clamps are structural attachments used to clamp onto a steel beam. Beam clamps are used for a variety of applications... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Laser Beam Analyzers - (40 companies)
    Laser beam analyzers are used to determine the quality of a laser beam. Laser beam analyzers measure beam profile, average power, energy per pulse, frequency, and temporal pulse shape. Many laser beam analyzers are portable, enabling them to be used... Learn More
  • Beam Expanders - (28 companies)
    ...specifications are given for the full angular spread of the beam. Although these beams are smaller over larger distances, additional focusing options can be used to yield even smaller spot sizes. As a rule, the beam 's expander power is equal to the ratio... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Beam Steerers - (6 companies)
    Beam steerers are optical tools that allow the user to easily change a laser beam's optical axis height or direction. Desirable product features include fine angular adjustment, precision tip/tilt and rotation, and secure and stable construction... Learn More
  • Electron Beam Welding Services - (43 companies)
    Electron beam welding services use a narrow beam with high energy density to weld metals and alloys with a narrower heat effect zone and deeper penetration compared to most other welding processes. How to Select Electron Beam Welding Services... Search by Specification | Learn More
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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
730-00 Cooper Instruments & Systems OHAUS Corporation Laboratory Balances The standard for over 75 years. ✔ Three notched and tiered beams with center reading. ✔ Four weighing platforms to choose from. ✔ Spring loaded zero adjust compensator. Whether you ’re weighing solids, liquids, powders or even animals, the OHAUS Triple Beam balance can...

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  • Off-Site Radiation Exposure Review Project: Phase 2 soils program
    ...8" heavy blades, vertical action Heavy-duty can opener Vibrating spatula, Mettler Vibro-Spatula Vibrating shaker, Derrick Lab Test Polypropylene funnels, 8" diameter Tongs Soil scoop Triple beam balance , capacity 30 kg Platform scale, 5 kg, direct reading Detergent for sonic cleaner...
  • What happens during high school chemistry laboratory sessions? A descriptive case study of the behaviors exhibited by three teachers and their students
    Examples includewatching a reaction occur, massing a substance on a triple - beam balance , measuring the height of the mercury columnin abarometer, reading a thermometer, watchingforcolorchange in a flame test.
  • Mechanisms for Controlling Drying Rate of Tobacco During Curing
    Approximately 3 min was required to balance and read the three sets of scales and during this... The scales were Ohaus triple - beam balances and were mounted directly on top of the test chamber.
  • Reduction of Synthetic Based Fluid Discharges Offshore by the Use of Vertical Basket Centrifuges
    To determine percent by weight synthetic on cuttings (SOC) at the rigsite, a 50-ml. retort and either a digital balance or triple beam balance capable of weighing up to 1000 grams is used. Careful consideration needs to be taken when reading the percent water within the graduated cylinder as even...
    The read out from the single-channel analyzer was recorded by a Hamner Model N240 decade scaler... The cans were weighed on the triple beam balance seen in Figure 1.
  • Ontogenetic shift in buoyancy and habitat in the Antarctic toothfish, Dissostichus mawsoni (Perciformes: Nototheniidae)
    ...electronic balance for small specimens, and large specimens were weighed using a dial- reading platform scale with... The other end of the silk thread was attached to an Ohaus triple beam balance or an electronic balance resting on a stable platform suspended over the water container.
  • Excavating silences and tensions of agency|passivity in science education reform
    As part of the unit, students observed and measured the height, length, and mass of land snails using rulers and triple - beam balances . ...microscopes, compared observations of land and aquatic snails using a Venn diagram, and read a packet of...
  • Geophysical prospecting
    He used a scale divided into millimetres and read to tenth-milli- metres by means of a telescope; the scale was fixed at a distance 60 cm. from the mirror attached to the axis of the beam . ...caused by changes of temperature, and had to be protected by double, and subsequently triple brass casings. The balance had the long period of oscillationof about 30 min., owing to the large moment of...
  • IC Luminary Paul Gray Opens 2011 ISSCC Student Research Preview [People] Energy Harvesters,�? Ulm University, Germany ■ Steven Callender, “Design of a DLL with Embedded Phase Interpola- tion: A DLL with Picosecond Jitter Intended for beamforming and Beam -Steering Applications,�? Uni... ...for Use in the Read out Circuitry of a... Session Chair: Marian Verhelst Associate Chair: SeongHwan Cho ■ Ahmed Aref, “Reconfigurable Multilevel Outphasing Transmit- ter,�? RWTH Aachen University, Germany ■ Hamhee Jeon, “A Triple -Mode Bal- anced Linear CMOS Power Ampli- fiers Using Switched Quadrature Coupler,�? Georgia Institute of...
  • Abstracts of Current Computer Literature
    ...Automation 7047 Threshold Logic Design of Pulse-Type Sequential Networks 7115 Design of Triple Modular Redundancy Logic... ...7164 Magnetic DTPL All-Magnetic Logic Networks 6607 Residue Arithmetic Unit Using Digital Balanced Magnetic Circuits 6917... ...Storage in Uniaxial Magnetic Films Using Nonuniform Fields 6659 Optimization of Thin Permalloy Films for Computer Memories 6767 Improving the Signal-to-Noise Ratio of Photon and Electron Beam Accessed Magnetic Film Storage... ...6840 Feasibility of Lorentz Read out of a High...
  • Models of Success Versus the Success of Models: Reliability without Truth
    No one would deny that a calculator, a triple - beam balance , and even a high-energy particle accelerator can all play genuinely central roles in making specific and fine grained predictions and interventions. A properly formulated ‘‘no miracles’’ rule of inference thus reads as follows: If . . .
  • Is it minds-off science? A concern for the elementary grades
    Those who had taken the reading before took charge of measuring, with help from Betsy and me... Students had never used a triple beam balancebeforein this classroom;therefore,Betsybelieved that the novelty of the activity would engender interest and enhance learning. The limited number of balances (one per each group of five members) was not conducive to the...
  • Verification of hardness tester indenter forces 10 gf to 10 kgf (0·0981 N to 98·1 N)
    Figure 1 Load cell set up in a low-load hardness tester: A, triple beam spring, 10 gf to 100gf; B, cell frame; C, electrical displacement pick-up; D, electrical lead to measuring bridge; E, calibrating weight, 25 gf on the meter... ...a selected calibrating weight E applied to the cell, the measuring bridge is balanced electrically to zero... ...the corresponding indenter force is applied and its error determined from the resulting reading on the scale...
  • Navigating role forces and the aesthetic|authentic caring dialectic: a novice urban science teacher’s developmental trajectory
    I wanted to provide more students with practice using the triple - beam balance and ruler and increase the reliability of the group’s measurements. To give the students instructions, Tina assembled prior knowledge of reading data charts, comparing and contrasting data...
  • Data reduction for the AMBER instrument
    Triple Products Differential Visibility Estimated biases Setup induced effects (chromaticity effects, read out noise, polarisation) VLTI data(piston residuals beam : balance between beam: instant flux .