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  • Improving Reciprocating Compressor Valve Life
    is that the components are slowly building to failure and downtime with an unknown degree of severity. It is possible to run reciprocating compressors with valves out of tolerance and it happens more than you think. It is just not the best plan for getting the most from your compressor. Making the switch to a synthetic
  • Measuring Torsional Vibration on a Natural Gas Engine/Reciprocating Compressor System (.pdf)
    This case history describes how torsional vibration was measured on a natural gas engine driving a reciprocating. compressor. It was necessary to check torsional vibration on the front of the engine where the viscous damper was located. Engineering Dynamics Incorporated (EDI) is an industry leader
  • Advanced Inspection of Reciprocating Compressors with Ultrasound
    Anyone who has benefi ted from the advancements made. in ultrasound testing will agree that this technology is no. longer just for leak testing. It is a complimentary companion. technology to vibration analysis, infrared imaging, motor. circuit testing, and oil analysis. Some will assert that the.
  • Monitoring Reciprocating Gas Compressors with 4-20 mA LPS Vibration Sensors
    analysis tools has significantly reduced the cost of vibration monitoring and enabled monitoring of more plant assets. Monitoring reciprocating gas compressors with 4-20 mA. LPS® vibration sensors. Vibration monitoring introduction. Vibration monitoring is well established as a tool for diagnosing
  • Using Ultrasound Diagnositcs on a Compressor at a Power Plant
    operate at base load, intermediate, and peak demand levels. Large reciprocating compressors are used in this process. When a compressor was failing to generate enough pressure, the maintenance staff would try and clean each of the valves. With eight valves, it took a full shift and several personnel
  • Vacuum and Pressure Handbook: Air Compressors
    -. rocating motion and those which compress air with a rotary motion. The principal types of. positive displacement compressors are the piston, diaphragm, rocking piston, rotary vane,. lobed rotor, and rotary screw. Reciprocating Piston -This design (Fig. 11) is widely used in commercial air compres-. sors
  • Applying Inverters to Centrifugal Compressors in HVAC Chillers (.pdf)
    %. per year could be realized. However, if chiller loading remains near. 100% most of the time, energy savings will be slight. Energy saving potential with reciprocating chiller compressors is. minimal. These are constant torque loads, and do not offer significant. energy savings potential
  • Food Processing Plant Extends Service Interval Ten Times, Eliminates Varnish Buildup with Synthetic Compressor Oil
    . Lubricating rotary screw and reciprocating. specifcations and to minimize impurities. compressors with Molykote L-1200FG. Series Synthetic Compressor Oils is a cost-. effective way to prevent premature. The molecular structure of the synthetic. lubricant failure, extend maintenance. oil

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