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Parts by Number for Rectangular Plug Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
1773132 Perfect Parts Corporation PHOENIX CONTACT USA Heavy Duty Rectangular Connectors RECTANGULAR CONNECTOR, PLUG
37-20360-19   Kycon, Inc. Heavy Duty Rectangular Connectors SCSI BUS TERMINATOR,PLUG,36 CONTACTS,SKT,0.085 PITCH,HOLE .112-.124
A30508-ND Digi-Key Corporation TE Connectivity Heavy Duty Rectangular Connectors CONN PLUG HOUSING EP .156 9POS
A105260-ND Digi-Key Corporation TE Connectivity Heavy Duty Rectangular Connectors POWER D/LOCK PLUG HSG 4P /6.5
A14064-ND Digi-Key Corporation TE Connectivity Heavy Duty Rectangular Connectors CONN PLUG W/DETENT 6POS .093
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  • Spring Connection Terminals offer Cost Savings on the Floor and in the Field
    Connection terminals offer a solution to handle rugged environments and save money. Tool-less spring connectors, offered by Mencom, enable for quick installation of heavy duty rectangular connectors. Spring Connection Terminals offer Cost Savings on the Floor and in the Field | MENCOM. MENCOM
  • Clean and Neat
    ,. Schreiner ProTech developed a more efficient solution using a special,. protective film. The protective film significantly sim-. bels. To seal several areas simultane-. plifies the process compared to the. ously, the films can also be applied. conventional solution: the cover la-. in a rectangular
  • Putting the Case for Custom Power Supplies in Low to Medium Volume Applications
    power. supply, but the approach does offer great flexibility. For example, there is no rulebook that states that a power supply should be an oblong or cubic. box, or based on rectangular PCBs. It can be any shape necessary to fit the available space, providing that electrical performance and EMC
  • Smart Computing Article - Jabber to justification
    are rectangular and accept connectors that are made of plastic with embedded metal wires. Dial-up computer modems use the same four-wire RJ-11 connector used by standard telephones. Networking cards frequently use the eight-wire RJ-45 connector, which is slightly larger and connects to a slightly wider flat
  • Medical Device Link . More of the Best Products and Services of the Year
    such as oval and rectangular cross sections. Large incremental changes in diameter can be accommodated on the same tube, enabling the concurrent production of connectors and adapters and eliminating the need for costly secondary operations. Speed, extrusion rate, and production parameters
  • USB Tutorial
    the USB connector on the back of your machine and plug the USB connector into it. The rectangular socket is a typical USB socket on the back of a PC. A typical USB connector, called an "A" connection. A typical USB Extension connector, called an "A Female " connection. If it is a new device
  • Medical Device Link .
    containing 48 catheters into the spray module. The pallet stops above a rectangular opening that has four EFD valves positioned along each of the longer sides. As the module 's software actuates the valves and they begin to spray, the catheters are lowered and raised at a controlled rate while
  • Medical Device Link .
    rectangular connector mates with a distinctive click. The latest in the ODU MAC programme of connectors from ODU Steckverbindungssysteme GmbH & Co. KG (M uhldorf, Germany;, the ODU MAC LC is well suited to serve as an interface connector in medical technology and measurement and test apparatus
  • Receptacle Carriers Promote Efficient Assembly
    from .012” to .102”. al socket. For high-speed circuitry, this results in a shorter electri-. as well as square and rectangular component. cal path (lower inductance) and reduced propagation delay (no. leads. Heat-treated beryllium copper is the. socket dielectric). best choice of spring material

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