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Parts by Number for Rectangular Tank Plastic Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
12000-0006 Global Industrial Saint Gobain Performance Plastics Not Provided Saint Gobain Llpe, 30 Gal., Rectangular Tank W/Flat Flange, 30"L X 24"W X 12"H, 7/32"Wall, White
12000-0110 Global Industrial Saint Gobain Performance Plastics Not Provided Saint Gobain Llpe, 500 Gal., Rectangular Tank W/Flat Flange, 72"L X 36"W X 48"H, 5/16"Wall, White
12300-0036 Global Industrial Saint Gobain Performance Plastics Not Provided Saint Gobain Xlpe, 105 Gal., Rectangular Tank W/Flat Flange, 48"L X 24"W X 24"H, 7/32"Wall, Yellow

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