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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
DC-10EWA Newark / element14 KINGBRIGHT Not Provided KINGBRIGHT - DC-10EWA - LED BAR GRAPH ARRAY; RED; 2MCD; 0.075W
HDSP-4836 Digi-Key Avago Technologies US Inc. Optoelectronics LED BAR GRAPH 10SEG RED/YLW/GRN
ELB-1001SDRWA/S530-A3 Digi-Key Everlight Electronics Co Ltd Optoelectronics DISPLAY 10 BAR GRAPH DEEP RED CC
ELB-1010SURWA/S530-A3 Digi-Key Everlight Electronics Co Ltd Optoelectronics DISPLAY 10 BAR GRAPH HYPER RED
HLCP-J100 Digi-Key Avago Technologies US Inc. Optoelectronics LED BAR GRAPH 10SEG RED
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  • Active Sensing of Target Location Encoded by Cortical Microstimulation
    The correlation between the binary array and the time spent near the red target ( bar graph ) tells us whether rats preferentially whisk near the red target on red trials.
  • Processing and modeling genome-wide expression data using singular value decomposition
    (a) Raster display of ˆvT N , the expression of 14 eigengenes in 14 arrays , with overexpression ( red ), no change in expression (black), and underexpression (green) around the steady-state level of expression. (b) Bar chart of the probabilities of eigenexpression, showing |γ1 N and |γ2 N capture about 20%... (c) Line-joined graphs of the expression levels of |γ1 N (red) and |γ2 N (blue) in...
  • Micro-RNA-128 (miRNA-128) down-regulation in glioblastoma targets ARP5 (ANGPTL6), Bmi-1 and E2F-3a, key regulators of brain cell proliferation
    ...regulation of miRNA-128 in GBM tissues compared to controls a using high density, differential display miRNA fluorescent panels (only the miRNA-128 region shown; LC Sciences, Houston TX), or b using Northern dot-blot analysis; data expressed in bar graph format. By convention red signals (wavelength 650 nm) indicate high expression of that particular miRNA and blue– green... Signals from miRNA arrays containing in total 911 control, small RNA and miRNA targets (a) were further...
  • Conventional Perimetrie
    In der zeitlicher Verlaufsanalyse der Lichtunterschiedsemp- findlichkeit (Trendanalyse) sind lokale Verschlechterungen durch ein rotes Pfeilsymbol nach unten,  örtliche Verbesserungen durch ein grünes Pfeilsymbol nach oben, konstante Befunde durch einen ho- rizontalen und stark variierende Ergebnisse durch einen senkrechten Strich symbolisiert. Ein rotes   Kästchen um einen Testort weist darauf hin, dass dieser Gesichtsfeldort initial im Bereich der Alters- norm lag, das Skotom sich an dieser Stelle also neu gebildet bzw. ein bereits bestehender Defekt sich  im zeitlichen Verlauf flächenmässig hierhin ausgedehnt hat. Small diagrams on the left Bildrand:  Trendanalyse für repräsentative Gesichtsfeldorte; die schwarzen Punkte stellen die jeweiligen Mess- werte der lokalen Lichtunterschiedsempfindlichkeit zum jeweiligen Messzeitpunkt dar;  die blaue Linie  symbolisiert den mittleren alterskorrelierten Altersabfall der lokalen Lichtunterschiedsempfindlichkeit  (LUE), die roten Linien den zugehörigen Referenzbereich (5-95%).
  • Induced dicentric chromosome formation promotes genomic rearrangements and tumorigenesis active endogenous centromere in the indicated conditions, as detected by CENP-C immunofluorescence staining in red . Scale bar shows 1 μm. Graph shows the number of 3T3-LacO cells containing the lacO array in the indicated conditions .
  • Development of a wireless stethoscope for auscultatory monitoring during anaesthesia
    The diode array (silicon-doped GaAs diodes, Siemens LD 271) consists of six diodes emit- ting infra- red light in a wavelength band centred at 950 nm. The signal from the amplifier is also fed to a bar - graph display, consisting of ten red light-emitting diodes.
  • Suitability of spectral remote sensing for coral reef surveying, monitoring and mapping
    The information displayed includes the cell’s latitude/longitude, the contents of the cell’s array of remote sensing data... On the right-hand side of the display is a graph and table designed to show the... The bar graph plots the model data as small circles on each of the red band lines.
  • Filter-free integrated sensor array based on luminescence and absorbance measurements using ring-shaped organic photodiodes
    ...dashed) and emission (solid) spectra of HPTS-Na (blue) and HPTS(DHA)3 ( red ), and ab- sorption... The grey bar highlights the emission wave- length of the excitation source ...625 and 775 nm corrected by external quantum efficiency of the OPDs (black graph ), on the whole... Filter-free integrated sensor array based on luminescence and absorbance measurements .
  • Efficiency of a laterally engineered architecture for photovoltaics
    Red curves are for June 22nd, blue for December 22nd. The percentage of daylight hours during which the peak wavelength is more than 50 nm from its lowest value is shown on the bar graphs . Table 1 Efficiencies for 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-cell arrays .
  • New Products
    A new line of multi-color LEDs in a bar - graph configuration is now offered by Ledtronics. Designed for modular- ity, arrays featurean interlockingdesign, forming a rigid bargraph assembly to as- sure precise, even... These com- pact bargraph LEDs are available in any Red -Yellow-Green color combination with a 140...
  • Report for the NGFA-5 project.
    The analysis results of B. thuringiensis kurstaki run on the Census Array are shown in Figure 7. The right-hand columns of bar graphs show the unconditional and conditional log- odds ratios for each target genome listed at right. Targets predicted as likely to be present are indicated in red text.
  • Mechanisms of tumorassoziierter Epileptogenese and Iktogenese
    ...Field 1 and Field 2 denote the positions of conventional Mikroelektroden for the field potential registration. b... The red point labels the track with the first signal and thus indicates the Focus. image Falschfarbencodierte... the red point in the optical receiving position B (ba). c scoring diagram derVerteilung of all... The beam indicates the median by about 1,2 mms. as discharge patterns of neurons in control...
  • Searching for the Optimal Mix of Solar and Efficiency in Zero Net Energy Buildings: Preprint
    ...ZNE curves are overlaid, and the reference building source-energy use and PV array sizes are shown... In the lower left graph , the end use graph shows results for ZNE designs for each climate. For other climates, options are only shown if they are different than in San Diego with indicators ( red and green bars ) showing the direction and magnitude of the differences.
  • Power generation in stars
    The figure t shows the herk6mmliche Hertz jump-Russell- diagram . ...sun light force, both are applied against the waiter-fl-~-ichentemperatur in painting 3 logarithmic rod . The most stars lie on this main series . Red giants, ktihle, but brightly leuehtende stars are located Reehts above.
  • Typical acquired color sensory disorders by heredodegenerativen Maculaleiden
    ...that have undergone a Chorioiditis, with about entsprcchenden objektivcn is it mostly the field for limes unmSglich. ...19 of the patients both Augcn is partially separated ffir into the following diagram (Abb. 1), registers. With thick bars the adjustments of the Dichromaten and are a absolutely entered the color blinds with... By low adjustment width benStigen the patients more red , as a normal Farbent/ichtiger fiir asks it the...