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  • Device Drivers-Image
    Device Drivers - (110 companies)
    Device drivers are programs that provide the interface between general use software (such as an operating system) and specific hardware or software modules. With personal computers (PCs), drivers are often packaged as dynamic link library (DLL) files.
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    PCMCIA Modems and PCMCIA Fax Modems - (9 companies)
    PCMCIA modems and PCMCIA fax modems enable computers to transmit data over telephone lines. They include modem-only devices, modem and fax combinations, and fax/modem products with networking capabilities. PCMCIA Modems and PCMCIA Fax Modems...
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  • PCMCIA Card Readers and Writers-Image
    PCMCIA Card Readers and Writers - (23 companies)
    PCMCIA Card Readers and Writers Information. PCMCIA card readers and PCMCIA card writers allow a user to transfer data from or to a host computer to or from a PCMCIA card. These products derive their names from the Personal Computer Memory Card...
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    PCMCIA Networking Cards - (14 companies)
    PCMCIA Networking Cards Information. PCMCIA networking cards allow a host computer to connect to a network for data transmission and communication. They take their name from the Personal Computer Memory Card Association (PCMCIA), the organization...
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    PCMCIA Hard Drive Cards - (9 companies)
    PCMCIA Hard Drive Cards Information. PCMCIA hard drive cards provide high storage capacities for notebook and palmtop computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs), mobile systems, and PCMIA-equipped computers. They carry specifications for hard...
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    PCMCIA Cards and Accessories - (153 companies)
    PCMCIA Cards and Accessories Information. PCMCIA cards and accessories follow standards developed by the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA), an international standards body and trade organization. PCMCIA cards, or PC...
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    PCMCIA Bus Interface Cards - (35 companies)
    PCMCIA Bus Interface Cards Information. PCMCIA bus interface cards translate the data from the PCMCIA bus to another bus, and vice versa. They are used to connect two otherwise incompatible buses. PCMCIA is an acronym for the Personal Computer...
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    PCMCIA Serial Adapter Cards - (18 companies)
    PCMCIA Serial Adapter Cards Information. PCMCIA serial adapter cards provide one or more serial ports to a host computer. They use a PCMCIA card bus to interface with the host, and add RS232, RS422, RS485, or other types of serial ports. PCMCIA...
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    PCMCIA Memory Cards - (32 companies)
    PCMCIA Memory Cards Information. PCMCIA memory cards and storage cards are used to add memory (RAM, SRAM, Flash, etc.) and/or storage capacity (hard disks, CD-ROM, etc.) to computers. PCMCIA is an acronym for the Personal Computer Memory Card...
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    Radios - (399 companies)
    Radios are communication systems that send and/or receive electromagnetic waves. Devices such as citizens ' band (CB) radios, walkie-talkies, and handie-talkies are two-way radios that can be used for interpersonal communications.
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  • Kompendium of the medium configuration
    While these as devices designated PC-Card (earlier: PCMCIA -Card) by cameras and notebooks are already installed … … tasks of necessary controllers is several free plug-in spaces present on the mother board (slots) in … By both monitor technologies, the color is linearly mixed of three primary colors red (R), green (G …
  • Working book economic information technology
    … a display either both characters "Frei" and "Occupied" or both (Farb-)Zeichen " red " and "green". The question F 2.13 In it differs the main memory in the main of peripheral storages? … the most important concepts for the peripheral bus by PCs and what does the abbreviation PCMCIA say?
  • IT takes a village
    … around by connecting the cards to one of the boards rather than to the PCMCIA interface. Thecomputercrashwasthelaststraw. designer of the world’s first laptop, the Osborne-1, is the project’s chief engineer. Then we lurched onto a red dirt road.
  • I believe, it chops!
    Almost all WLAN devices no matter whether routers, external PCMCIA card or also the WLAN cards verbauten … … grid bettchen while mom and dad relaxes quite, to drink a shot glass red wine by neighbors. Main thing image and tone arrive cleanly by the receiving apparatus.
  • Professional video technique
    … rigid-disk-camcorders 609 rigid-disk-recorders 606 Harmonische 54 main planes 384 main switching space 774 … 84 PB PCM audio 535 PCMCIA 621 PCM-signal 127 PCR 212 PDP 467 peak Program meter … Roll-off-factor 129 X-rays 452 red 66 red light 412, 766 router 740 RS 422 …
  • Manual of the Mess- and automation technique in the automobile
    … Process Communication monitor PCM staff computer Manufacturer PCMC →PCI, cache controller and Memory PCMCIA →PC Memory Card … … myth RFP back-feed-pump RFQ Request For of Quotation RFS Remote file service / system / Sharing RFT text RFTS Remote fiber Testing system RFU Reserved for Future of Use RFZ shelf-conveying-witness RGB Rot-Grün -blue RGP grid Graphics … … norms, quality rules and Transmit holding register THZ →TEMEX- information-library Technical to main -center TIA Totally …
  • Informatics for the Clinical Laboratory
    … 5-6 Chip, 104-106, 121-122, 176,289,294 Chipping, 176 CIO ( chief information officer), 5 … … without, 76 Patient records, security system for, 59-60 PC card, 181,298 PCMCIA card, 181,298 … … 71-73 patient, security system for, 59-60 Record level version control, 28 Red -green-blue (RGB …
    … an 8mm video cassette recorder, together with data‐transfer equipment (DTE) operating with the PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory … Elbit's test‐flight programme manager and chief test pilot (who cannot be named for security reasons) told JDSM … Note the red panel to the right (in place of the monochrome MFD) which houses flight‐test switchery.
  • CIGR Handbook of Agricultural Engineering, Volume III Plant Production Engineering, Front Matter and Index
    333 Custom-Made Rice Combines 334 Combine Categories 335 Red and Green Dominate 335 Stripper Fronts Gaining … Osamu Kitani Editor-in- Chief xxv xxvi Preface Effective crop production requires machines—hand tools, animal-drawn implements … … pannier baskets, 29 parameter-optimized controller, 479 park, concentration, 103 payload (tractor), 127 PCMCIA card, 607, 614 …
  • Manual of the Mess- and automation technique in the production
    … Process Communication monitor PCM staff computer Manufacturer PCMC PCI, cache and Memory controller PCMCIA PC Memory Card … … EMV RFID radio Frequency Identification Device RFNM Request For Next of measuring myth RFQ Request For of Quotation RFS Remote file service / system / Sharing RFTS Remote fiber Testing system RFZ shelf-conveying-witness RGB Rot-Grün -blue RGP grid Graphics … … distance of digital 451 half mikrowaage (HDL) 12 HART Communication Foundation (HCF) 592 main axis 743 main …