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Parts by Number for Reed Switch Flow Switch Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
FS15LF Digi-Key Cynergy 3 Sensors, Transducers SWITCH LO FLOW REED N/O 15MM DIA
FS15A Digi-Key Cynergy 3 Sensors, Transducers SWITCH FLOW REED N/O 15MM DIA
FS22A Digi-Key Cynergy 3 Sensors, Transducers SWITCH FLOW REED N/O 22MM DIA
NAU34X312MP PLC Radwell Phd Inc Pneumatics, Pneumatic Cylinder REED SWITCH MAGNETIC PISTON FLOW CONTROL B/ENDS
FS15A ASAP Semiconductor CYNERGY3 Not Provided SWITCH FLOW REED N/O 15MM DIA
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  • How Reed Switches are used with a Permanent Magnet (.pdf)
    .). (Figure #20. A reed Switch being used with magnets in rotary motion.). 28. MEDER electronic. REED SWITCH CHARACTERISTICS. the use of a magnetic shield to deflect the magnetic flux idea of the closure points on a distance basis along the. flow (see Figure #22);. y-axis. The hold
  • Application: Electrometers Use Reed Relays in Their Detection Circuits
    have too much leakage. current and the film buildup on the contacts that needs to be broken for current. to flow, never happens with these small signals. The only switch that can. handle this environment is the Reed Relay. MEDER’s specially designed reed. relays meet the requirements necessary
  • The Science of Selecting a Liquid Level Float Switch
    applications is the float switch. It consists of a float holding a magnet and a dry reed switch encapsulated within a stem. As the float follows the level of liquid in the vessel, the magnet also moves up and down. The magnet activates the reed switch when they're both at the same level, providing
  • Monitoring Vehicle Power Windows Using A Reed Sensor (.pdf)
    . Features. • The reed switch used in the Reed Sensor is. hermetically sealed and is therefore not sensitive. rough wet environments. • The reed sensors reliably operate between -. Figure 2. Close-up of window motor with power off. 50˚C to 150˚C. • Magnet and Reed Sensor are isolated and. have no physical
  • Reed Relays Capable of Switching Low Micro-Volts Signals (.pdf)
    all the above see that the five pairs shown are opposite in polarity from a current. criteria are met with one possible exception – the switching of low flow standpoint. Here the ‘B’ denotes the small voltage produced. offset voltages. The Reed Relay has two critically needed items
  • Application: Water Flow Volume Measurement Sensor (.pdf)
    wheel, and the. Reed Sensor is mounted strategically such that. the magnetic field of magnet will be sensed with. Figure 2. Water flows through unclogged filter producing flow measurement with good. each rotation of the paddle wheel. filter indicator light. • The reed switch used in the Reed
  • Load Switching and Contact Protection (.pdf)
    the filament keeping it hot. and its resistance high. This current flow is balanced. such that the filament is not ‘glowing’. Now when the. Reed Switch is activated, the current switched is close. (Figure #49. Abruptly opening a circuit with an inductor can. to its steady state current. produce a very
  • Sensor Technologies to Detect Pneumatic Cylinder Position - White Paper
    cycles before they. eventually fail. Switching high current electrical loads can. further cut into their life expectancy. In addition, low cost. Reed switch. reed switches can sometimes deliver multiple switching. points as the twin lobes of certain magnets pass by. Lastly,. reed switches installed

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