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  • Thermal Switches and Thermal Protectors-Image
    Thermal Switches and Thermal Protectors - (666 companies)
    ...basic types of thermal switches and thermal protectors: bi-metal disc or snap action, thermal reed switch, mercury switch, rod and tube with different temperature coefficients, and gas-actuated or vapor-tension. Bimetallic disc or snap action...
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    Repeatability / Tolerance
    Switch Type: Switch Type
    Contact Configuration: Switch Type
  • Reed Switches-Image
    Reed Switches - (129 companies)
    Reed switches are magnetically actuated switches. They are typically manufactured with two ferromagnetic reeds (contact blades), which are sealed in a glass capsule. In the presence of a magnet, the blades (contacts) close. Reed switches...
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    Thermostats - (59 companies)
    ...elements and discrete or variable outputs, or may contain a thermal switch that functions as both the sensing element and the output signal. Control. Thermostats control air temperature by sending a control signal to a heating or cooling device...
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  • Transfer Switches-Image
    Transfer Switches - (206 companies)
    Transfer switches transfer electrical power back and forth between two power systems or buses such as a utility power line and a backup motor-generator power supply. How to Select Transfer Switches. What are Transfer Switches?. Transfer switches...
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  • Thermal Cutoffs and Thermal Fuses-Image
    Thermal Cutoffs and Thermal Fuses - (64 companies)
    Thermal cutoffs and thermal protectors are nonresetting, thermally sensitive devices designed to protect domestic electrical appliances and industrial equipment from fire. They are sometimes described as thermal one-shot fuses.
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    Reed Relays - (98 companies)
    Reed relays are electrically-operated switching devices that consist of two thin, magnetic strips (reeds) encapsulated in a glass envelope. They are used to switch industrial components such as solenoids, contactors and starter motors. Reed relays...
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    Pressure Switches - (777 companies)
    Pressure switches are actuated by a change in the pressure of a liquid or gas. They activate electromechanical or solid-state switches upon reaching a specific pressure level. Pressure switches are actuated by a change in the pressure of a liquid...
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    Pushbutton Switches - (653 companies)
    How to Select Pushbutton Switches. Flush pushbutton switch. Image Credit: Automationdirect Raised pushbutton switch. Image Credit: Digi-Key Recessed pushbutton switch. Image Credit: Schurter. Pushbutton switches are mechanical switches defined...
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    Flow Switches - (366 companies)
    ...the flow switch will turn on or off to maintain proper function of the system. Switch Specifications. Switch specifications include: Electro-mechanical flow switches use mechanical contacts like relays and reed switches. Solid-state switches use...
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    CompactPCI Switches and PXI Switches - (20 companies) switch or to scan high voltage signals. There are three types: armature, dry-reed, and mercury-wetted switches. The relay type can be: SPST (single-pole, single-throw), SPDT (single-pole, double-throw), or DPDT (double-pole, double-throw). Solid-state...
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...there are better and more reliable alternatives. Thermostats now come in several general categories such as differential expansion, liquid filled, mercury, and reed switch. Each has advantages. Differential expansion versions are the most common. In this type of thermostat, two metals with different...

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    Other forms of digital input include pushbuttons, mat switches, magnetic or reed switches , thermostats , passive infrared motion detectors, and oh so many more.
  • ZCO65
    Hearing aid receivers, timing motors, electron tubes, electrical meters and instruments, reed switches , thermostats , precision relays, and many others.
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    … VCMs; aircraft control-surface actuators; materials handling robots. d) Measuring Instruments: Moving-coil (d'Arsonval and long scale geometries) and moving-magnet meters for many func- tions. e) ElectricCurrent Control: Circuit breakers, reed switches , min- iature biased relays, thermostats , automotive ignition, eddy- current …
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    Broken or obsolete components of facility equipment or capital medical equipment and or calibration or process monitoring devices – manometers, barometers, oven and refrigerator thermometers, thermostats , mercury switches (tilt switches, reed switches, float switches), flow meters, flame sensors, boiler gauge controls, and …
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    Holding devices, notice boards, games, door catches, magnetic filtration, retrieval devices, drives and couplings, window cleaning, switches, thermostats , thickness gauges, magnetic tools Reed switches , warning systems, magnetic cIutches Bearings, levitated transport, toys Brake for coil winder etc.
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    … bellows, and pressure detectors Effects of operating environment (pressure, temperature, radiation) Operation of a pressure D/P cell Modes of failure TemDerature Theory of operation of T/C, RTD, thermostats , thermometers (expanding fluid) Indications … … Detector Failure modes of reed switches , LVDT, limit switches, and …
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    Reed , Pietrantoni, Simonds, Brown, Hillis, Schneider, Satellite Installers • Satellite dish and modem installed and tested • Took outage in the afternoon to tie in the automated transfer switch in the basement • … … line • Decided basement thermostat for fuel cell thermal …
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    … civilian_garb_N|1 military_uniform_N|11 clerical_J|11 garb_N|1 hinge_on_V|1 dredging_bucket_N|1 hinge_N|3 striker_N|3 photographic_equipment_N|6 motion_picture_N|19 movie_camera_N|4 bang_V|3 single- reed _instrument_N|1 excellence_N|31 skeet_N|1 … … perpendicular_J|23 calibration_N|2 connecting_rod_N|4 mizzenmast_N|4 x_N|11 main_street_N|4 rake_N|8 croupier_N|1 vertex_N|9 jeweled_headdress_N|2 sovereignty_N|8 wreath_N|4 garland_N|1 decayed_J|2 precious_stone_N|12 regalia_N|3 paraphernalia_N|3 optical_crown_glass_N|1 lookout_N|7 cruet_N|1 condiment_N|10 unmanned_J|2 battleship_N|3 cruise_V|3 radiotelephonic_J|1 passenger_ship_N|3 cruise_N|2 melting_point_N|8 thermostat _N|6 burial_chamber_N|3 decipher_V|10 protective_cover_N|3 … … home_office_N|2 ladle_N|7 on-off_ switch _N|1 jumper_N|5 configure_V|1 altarpiece_N|2 …
  • An automatic weather station for operation in severe icing climates
    … in figure 2) mounted on the base plate; the panel also holds relays activated by the thermostats . Connection to the sensors and reed switches is effected by a completely separate cable and multiway plug.