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    During the hand soldering process, use caution when using a soldering iron on high voltage ceramic capacitors. The following application note is intended for a general reference on using a soldering iron.)
  • Medical Device Link .
    , a reference capacitor and a signal-processing chip mounted on a 65-mm flexible printed circuit board (PCB). Micromechanical sensors based on a capacitive measurement principle are well suited for use in electronic implants, because there is no electrical current flowing through the sensor itself
  • Output Adjustments Of ARG3000 Series
    provides two access points: the Inverting (overall) input (Pin 8) and the Non-Inverting (NI) (Pin 9). From Eq #2, we can calculate the required VA for the given range of VOUT/VIN. Then by solving two equations, the reference voltage VB and any external resistor in series with R3 will be calculated
  • Adjustable Switching Voltage Regulators
    For non-isolated switching voltage regulators (SVR or SR), such as our SRAD20 series, the feedback control of the PWM is used to adjust the output voltage of the regulator. The PWM voltage reference is 2 volts with an accuracy between 1% and 3%. When the converter is required to provide a more
  • AN0014 X2Y Balanced Line EMI Chip Reliability and Performance Data
    application note reference AN0004.
  • Application Note for the Layout Packages for Texas Instrument's CC2420 & CC2430 Extended to CC2500 (.pdf)
    ISM and IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee) compliant RF transceiver, designed for low-power wireless applications. The reference design presented in this application note uses only three components for the impedance matching: a 1mm square Anaren multilayer balun, a DC blocking capacitor and an inductor
  • MCP2030 Three-Channel Analog Front-End Device Overview
    , Input pins for external LC antennas. device, followed by the pinout descriptions in Table 1. LCZ The key features of the device are summarized in LCCOM Common reference input for the Table 2. external LC antennas. Ground reference voltage.V SS © 2005 Microchip Technology Inc. DS91090B-page 1
  • Fusion welding joins dissimilar metals in a flash
    Fusion welders, precision TIG and plasma welders, adjustable adhesive dispensing valves, and acrylic assembly adhesives, are just some of the topics covered in this Fastening and Joining Reference Guide. Edited by Lawrence Kren & Victoria Reitz Fusion welders bond small-diameter studs to base parts

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