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  • Near Infrared ( NIR ) Applications with Miniature Fiber Optic Spectrometers
    monitoring, fiber optic sensing, and UV process manufacturing. �� Spectral Reflectance Applications with Miniature Fiber Optic Spectrometers. Miniature fiber optic spectrometers that interface to. computers have been around for about 10 years. These. small instruments are low-cost and therefore widely
  • Precision Agriculture Systems
    if it cuts production costs or improves efficiency. "Many farmers hear 'precision agriculture ' and think about tools, such as mapping tools, reflectance spectrometers, or GPS. Our objective is to demonstrate how these tools can add value and how farmers can make sensible management changes, " says
  • Measuring Deuterium Oxide in Water
    that allows for multiple. calibrations, data storage and data transmission as well as an advanced spectral analysis package. Analy. l si. s s. '100% H2O. '0.35% D2O in H2O. These spectra show the change in percent. '0.71% D2O in H2O. reflectance due to different concentrations of. '1.45% D2O in H2O. '2.9% D2O
  • Non-destructive measurement of moisture and soluble solids content of Mazafati date
    and methods. measurements. This white standard reflects more than. 97% of the light from 900-1700 nm. The spectrometer. Samples. software automatically divided the difference between. the date reflectance spectra and the dark spectrum by the. Measurements were carried out on 160 Mazafati date
  • Remote Sensing Monitoring
    ). E. F. EE. F. Reflectance (%) Calculation. L. L↑. ρ = E↓. E. L is upwelling radiance. E is downwelling irradiance. Hyperspectral Sensors. • ASD VNIR FieldSpec Spectrometer. • UA Department of Geography. • Wavelength Range (nm): 350-1150 (701. channels). • The StellarNet EPP2000. Spectrometer. • LWLM
  • Near IR Spectroscopy in Process Analysis
    . Insertion. 6.1.2. Flow. 6.2. Reflectance Probes. 6.3.. Internal Reflectance Probes. 6.4. Fiber Optics. 7. ORGANIZATIONAL ISSUES. ABBREVIATIONS. REFERENCES. Guided Wave Incorporated. Guided Wave Europe BVBA. 3033 Gold Canal Drive. Leo de Bėthunelaan 105/0001. Rancho Cordova, CA
  • Seeing Air in a New Light With LiDAR
    of the principle of light-reflectance signature that is, being able to identify the reflection that specific particles make when struck by laser light, " says Hatfield. "It allows us to accurately determine the location, distribution, and nature of particles. ". Laboratory director Jerry Hatfield
  • Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering Microspectrometer
    (nm). supercontinuum generation kit. The laser is isolated from the. Figure 4. Reflectance of the ultrafast beamsplitter for S and. rest of the setup by means of a Faraday isolator (FI). The. P-polarizations. Faraday isolator is not an optional component and is. Rotation of the input polarization