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  • Gas Heaters and Propane Heaters-Image
    Gas Heaters and Propane Heaters - (70 companies)
    ...heaters is the highest temperature that the heater 's sheath or protective cover may reach. The maximum air temperature, as its name suggests, is the maximum temperature of the air exiting from the heater. Heating capacity is the wattage that gas heaters... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Radiant Heater Elements-Image
    Radiant Heater Elements - (126 companies)
    Radiant heater elements are used with radiant flat panel and radiant reflective heaters. Radiant Heater Elements Information. Radiant heater elements are replacement heater elements for radiant flat panel heaters and radiant reflective heaters... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Industrial Heaters - (2078 companies)
    This is a general search form for all types of industrial heaters, devices which are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and heating configurations. Screw Plug Immersion Heater | Infrared Panel Heater | Explosion Proof Heater. Image Credit... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Radiant Heaters - (248 companies)
    How to Select Radiant Heaters. Radiant heaters use a reflective shield to direct radiant heat onto a heated surface. Many products are so precise that heat can be directed to pinpoint locations. Radiant heaters are used in food service, as well... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Immersion Heaters - (195 companies)
    Immersion heaters are used in applications that require immersing the heater in the substance to be heated. Immersion heaters are used in applications that require the heater to be immersed in the substance to be heated. They are equipped with pipe... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Infrared Heaters - (218 companies)
    How to Select Infrared Heaters. Infrared heaters use a reflective shield to direct radiant heat onto a heated surface. Common types of infrared heaters include metal-sheathed tubular heaters, quartz tubes, quartz lamps; gas fired catalytic... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Space Heaters and Room Heaters - (148 companies) the wattage or watt density that a heater can deliver. There are three choices for power requirements: single-phase, three-phase, and AC voltage. Insulation. Space heaters and room heaters may be insulated with ceramic material, magnesium oxide, mica... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Coil Heaters and Cable Heaters - (153 companies)
    Coil heaters and cable heaters are heating elements formed from straight (uncoiled) segments of round or square heating cable. Coil heaters and cable heaters are elongated heating elements. They include heating cables as well as coil heaters... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Water Heaters - (410 companies)
    Flexibility; High Flow Capacity. Standby Energy Loss. On Demand Heaters. An on demand water heater provides hot water without a storage tank. An on demand water heater uses gas, electricity, or propane as the heat source to heat the water and reduces... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Air Heaters - (412 companies)
    Air heaters are devices used to heat air. They include forced air products as well as all types of radiant and space heaters. How to Select Air Heaters. Face and By-pass Coils | Duct Heater | Fin PTC Heating Element. Image Credit: Armstrong... Search by Specification | Learn More

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  • Human Capacity Building in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy System Maintenance for the Yurok Tribe
    Height _____________ ft Wind Shielding: well shielded / normal shielding / exposed Home Leakiness: tight / medium … Outdoor water heater closet: F Walls (treat all outside walls as 1 wall) Wall stud size: 2x2 / 2x3 / … … / standard manufactured home door Ceiling Roof type: flat / bowstring / pitched Roof color: white or reflective / normal or weathered … … / heat pump / space heater / none Fuel: wood / electricity / propane / kerosene / …
  • Spitzer (Space Infrared Telescope Facility/SIRTF)
    The outer shell that encloses the telescope serves as both a dust cover and a heat shield . … of the outer shell that faces the Sun has a silver coating to reflect heat from the … … an active thermal control system that consists of heat pipes, thermally conductive adhesives, heaters and temperature sensors. Since thermal control is so important to reduce background 'noise', propane and ammonia flowing through pipes embedded …
  • Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets > Microthrusters employing catalytically reacted N2-O2-H2 gas mixtures, Tridyne
    … a three- chamber cluster (pitch, yaw, and roll control) and to deter- mine heater requirements to maintain … … with convective heating from the combustion gases, radiation to space, and conduction through attachments to the shield . Conventional modular installation features of reflective in- sulation and low-conductivity inlet lines are included in the … Conventional attitude-control systems employing cold gas GNz, heated GN2 (Advanced Resistojet), heated propane , and a decomposed …
    … healing healers healths healthy heaping hearing hearers hearken hearses hearsay hearten hearths heating heaters heathen heather heaving … … profile profits profuse progeny program project prolong promise promote prompts pronged pronoun proofed propane propels prophet propose … … reduces redwing redwood reedier reefing reefers reeking reeling referee refills refined refines refiner reflect reforms refract refrain … … shedder sheered sheerer sheeted shekels shelled shellac shelter sheltie shelved shelves sherbet sheriff shields shifted shilled shimmed …
  • Index
    … 17.9-4 Printed circuit heat exchanger, 3.1.2-7/3.1.2-8 Problem table algorithm, in pinch analysis, 1.7.3-1/1.7.3-6 Process heaters : electrical, specifications of, 4 … … 5.5.11-32 Propane : liquid properties, 5.5 … … of flows involving, 1.4.3-3 (See also Radiative heat transfer) Radiation shields , in radiation heat … … radiation characteristics in thermal design, 2.9.2-15/ 2.9.2-20 reflection and transmission characteristics …
  • Federal Register > Monday, January 12, 2015 > [80 FR 1471] Approval and Promulgation of Implementation Plans; State of Iowa
    … "exemptions" is revised to include the exemption of fireplaces or grills, outdoor patio heaters , and recreational bonfires … Reference methods are amended to reflect the most current Federal revisions. … than 25 pounds per hour; internal combustion engine burning exclusively natural gas or propane with a brake … … specifications for Gas Metal Arc Welding to 12,500 pounds per year, and Shielded Metal Arc Welding …
  • Shopping In Heaters - Big Bruin
    Uses a 20lb Propane Tank (Lasts 8-10hrs. on High) Propane Tank Not Included. • L.B. White Portable Gas Heater Tradesman 400, 250k-400k Btu, Lpg Featuring heavy duty construction, and the exclusive tri- shield finish, the Tradesman 400 is built to handle … • Soleus International Soleus HR3-08-21 Oscillating Reflective Heater with 2 Settings - Black .
  • Feedback Sensor Development for IR-Based Heaters Used in Animal Housing Micro-Climate Control
    The theoretical maximum flame temperature for propane with air as the oxidant, assuming perfect stoichiometric combustion, is … … be emitted at 1.29 μ m implying that an LP-based IR heater emits in the … Hoff (2003) showed preliminary evidence that a shielded temperature sensor could be used in the heating zone … Kuppenheim et al. (1956) studied in detail the reflective ( ρ) properties of Chester White pigs for incident …
  • Shopping In Heaters - Big Bruin
    Operating at 90% heating efficiency, this infrared patio heater runs on regular household 110V household electric current and is substantially less expensive to operate than propane patio heaters . … toxic residuals Standard 110V household current Tip-Over protection system Protective aluminum cover shield Weighted base Wheels … Portable heaters release 80% convection and 20% reflective heat for energy efficient and instant heating.
  • Fuel Processing
    radiation – external 53 – internal 53 – losses 293 – reflection property 293 – shield 293 radical 180 – reactions 41 reaction – chemical 57 – endothermic 134f., 222f., 350 – exothermic 134f., 222f. … microstructured methanol 249 – modular autothermal 300 – monolithic autothermal methanol 230 – monolithic autothermal propane 235f. … steam 136, 331 – tubular natural gas steam 326 – volume 202 reformer/ heater /evaporator system 321 …