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    Microwave Tubes - (13 companies) the microwave tube cavity. The continuous change in an electrostatic field accelerates and deaccelerates the electron beam. There are many types of microwave tubes. Examples include Klystrons, two-cavity Klystron, and crossed-field amplifiers... Learn More
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    ...designs redirect the inward pressure outward, using it to supplement the forward sound wave. In these bass reflex speakers, the backward motion of the diaphragm pushes sound waves out of the port in order to boost the overall sound level. Applications... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    ...of inter-phase level detection, even in highly toxic or corrosive mediums. Reflex level gauges- A reflex level gauge is used to detect level in a vessel or container. It operates by using the dissimilarity in the index of refraction between fluids... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    ...a microwave source, an attenuator, a circulate, sample cavity, and detector diode. The microwave source is generally a klystron tube or a Gunn diode. Klyston tube. Image Credit: wikipedia. The attenuator adjusts the power level. The circulator reroutes... Learn More

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klystron* datasheet and application note, data sheet, circuit,...
6940 Type TK-58 REFLEX KLYSTRON (THERMALLY TUNED) 6940 (Bendix8 Type TK-58) Tube ruggedized voltage thermally tuned X-band reflex klystron, designed

Noise Figures of Reflex Klystron Amplifiers
Noise Figures of Reflex Klystron Amplifiers

Proof of Principle Experiment on Photonic Crystal Reflex...
Proof of Principle Experiment on Photonic Crystal Reflex Klystron

IEC 60050 - International Electrotechnical Vocabulary -...
reflex klystron a single-cavity klystron in klystron réflex klystron à cavité unique dans lequel le sens du faisceau est

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Inventor of a reflex klystron MM-wave Therapy Nikolay Devyatkov is inventor of a reflex klystron (1939, with E. Daniltcev).[2

A Klystron Survey
1b shows the interior of a 2K25, a reflex klystron, used as X-band oscillator.

Navy Electricity and Electronics Training Series (NEETS),...
The Reflex Klystron Another tube based on velocity modulation, and used to generate microwave energy, is the REFLEX KLYSTRON (figure 2-9). The reflex

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CV6142 reflex klystron This klystron measures 41x41mm (flange) and 57x35mm overall. This reflex klystron is designed for local oscillator use.

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