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  • Dispelling 10 Myths About Nitrogen Reflow (.pdf)
    In my twenty years in the electronics manufacturing industry, I have heard a lot of claims made about the use of nitrogen in inerted soldering processes: many of them completely wrong. In this paper, we will talk about reflow in an enclosed oven, although many of these discussions may pertain
  • Recommended SMD Reflow for PCA Electronics Products
    PCA components have been designed and tested to withstand all typical Surface Mount Device (SMD) reflow processes using Infra Red (IR), Convection or a combination IR/Convection inline ovens. However, due to the various materials used in magnetic components, extreme care must be taken
  • Laser Reflow Soldering - A Process Solution Part I
    : A Process Solution. Page 3 of 8 ©2007. Convection Oven. No. • Reflow cycle too long due to cable locating fixture requirements. Silver ink. dissolves into solder during oven reflow. Focused Hot Air. No. • Rapid, uneven heating over moderate size area. Area heated is surrounded. by unheated glass. Glass
  • Surface Mount Technology (.pdf)
    One of the key factors of reflow oven is preheating. The preheating of a component and PCB is basically the same in leaded and leadfree soldering. Preheating is the range from room temperature to the melting point of solder. ept_H1H4.eps Surface Mount Technology (SMT). Failure Analysis
  • Intro to Aqueous Cleaning Equipment (.pdf)
    In-line equipment is designed to continuously clean large numbers of circuit boards in a short period of time. As the name implies, the washer receives boards by conveyor, from preceding process units (e.g. reflow oven) cleans and dries them in one operation. Spray-in-air indicates
  • Thermal Profiling Optimizes Printed Circuit Board Assembly
    to. using ‘tribal knowledge,’ experience and. problems when assemblies are thermally. microelectronics environment. intuition. The added time in the production. profiled for reflow. Layout, component. cycle reduced availability of the reflow oven. Reflow challenges include. size, package styles
  • Moisture Control Specifications
    All SMD packed in Tape and Reel is Dry Packed. This method helps to avoid damage from moisture absorption and exposure to solder reflow temperatures that can result in yield and reliability degradation from a combination of rapid moisture expansion and material mismatch. PCA Electronics, Inc. Dry
  • High Speed Data Port Connector Assembly (.pdf)
    carrier puck on a. conveyor system to send subassemblies through the solder. reflow oven. The Final Module al ows the soldered PCB to. be assembled into it's plastic housing. Labeling, ultrasonic. welding, final wire form die cutting, and functional electric. testing al fol ow with good assemblies

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