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  • Aqueous and organic GPC of food
    determine many of its final properties and therefore its end-use suitability for different applications. GPC with Universal Calibration, employing a viscometer in combination with a differential refractive index detector, is used to determine accurate molecular weights for biopolymers
  • High Spatial Resolution Measurement of Volume Holographic Gratings
     the incident beam, where λr is the. readout wavelength in vacuum, n(λr) is the refractive index of the volume holographic grating element material at. the readout wavelength, Λ is the grating spacing, and θr is the readout angle of incidence inside the material. For a. simple uniform grating
  • Detection of Chiral Compounds Using HPLC with CD Detection
    is toxic or mutagenic. Chiral detection has previously been limited to optical rotary dispersion (ORD) or polarimetry. Optical rotation-based detectors are based on differences in refractive index. Circular dichroism-based detectors differentiate enantiomers by measuring differences between
  • Medical Device Link .
    Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell line. The first set of data is from the flow-mode detector in conjunction with an SEC separation. The supernatant is characterized by using a refractive index (RI) detector and simultaneous static and DLS detectors coupled to an HPLC running in the SEC mode. The SEC
  • Fiber Optic Technology (.pdf)
    from one transparent medium to another, the light is affected by the interface. between the two materials. This occurs because of the difference in speeds that the light can travel through different materials. Each material can be described in terms of its refractive index, which is the ratio
  • Infrared Technology
    types of our products. Ge lenses---ST68x Series The most popular materials used in manufacturing refractive optics of IR systems are: germanium (Ge), silicon (Si). Germanium is a silvery metallic-appearing solid of very high refractive index (n~ 4), that enables designing of high-resolution optical
  • Download our new white paper: a glossary of dynamic light scattering terms
    particles are homogeneous. • The optical properties of the particles are known, i.e. the real &. imaginary components of the refractive index. • There is no error in the intensity distribution. 4. Dynamic Light Scattering. Common terms defi ned. INFORM WHITE PAPER. An understanding of these assumptions
  • Michelson Interferometer Whitepaper
    a large range of field angles. This is possible because the two arms can be made with different materials having different refractive indices. If the ratio of the arm length to its refractive index is the same for both arms, then to second order the path difference is independent of field angle
  • Medical Device Link .
    /visible light detectors have been the universal type for liquid chromatography, but light detectors based upon refractive index, infrared absorbance, evaporative light scattering, and fluorescence, as well as on mass spectrometry, have also been widely used. HPLC using mass spectrometer detectors has

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