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  • Refractory Hard Metals
    Refractory hard metals (RHMs) are a ceramiclike class of materials made from metal-carbide particles bonded together by a metal matrix. Often classified as ceramics and sometimes called cemented or sintered carbides, these metals were developed for extreme hardness and wear resistance. The RHMs
  • Soldering to Aluminum (.pdf)
    Pure aluminum and high aluminum alloys quickly form a tenacious, refractory ceramic oxide on the surface that requires special techniques to remove and achieve successful soldering.
  • SG Products: Structural Grade Refractory (.pdf)
    RATH SG Products are versatile non-asbestos refractories reinforced with ceramic fibers to. increase the toughness, reliability and overall performance of the ceramic composite.
  • Kerathin Adhesive (.pdf)
    Kerathin Adhesives are a series of ready-to-use air hardening refractory mortars based on ceramic fillers, organic and inorganic bonding agents. Kerathin Adhesives are used to anchor ceramic fiber materials to lightweight refractory brick, ribbed mesh wire, ceramic fiber modules, vacuum formed
  • Fibrous Refractories
    Fibrous refractories or thermal insulation products consist of ceramic fibers in bulk, fiberboard, paper or rope forms. Fibrous refractory products have greater degree of flexibility and can be formed into configurations required for insulating furnaces, steam piping, or other process heating
  • Alumina
    Alumina or aluminum oxide (Al2O3) is a compound that consists of aluminum and oxygen. It is typically used in the alpha alumina structural form. In its pure form, alumina is a white ceramic material with high hardness. Fully dense alumina can be translucent. Alumina is used widely because of its
  • Material Selection
    Material selection is the evaluation and recommendation of the most suitable ceramic or refractory materials. Material selectrion suppliers typically review the environmental conditions (temperature, atmosphere, flow), materials or chemicals processed, and equipment (furnace, boiler, turbine, etc
  • Silicon Carbide (SiC)
    Silicon carbide (SiC) is a compound of silicon metalloid and oxygen usually used in the alpha silicon carbide structural form.  SiC is a black, high hardness ceramic that usually is harder than alumina.  Depending on the Impurity additions, silicon carbide is green or black in color. Fully dense

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