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  • What is Registration? Part 1:Re-Registration
    Our first Mod-Tech Talk topic will tackle Registration. This topic will be a three part series discussing the What Registration is, How to probably setup common Registration processes, and finally Registration Optimization. So let's begin!. Registration is a common term used in the printing, web
  • Camera Registration for ILS Platforms: Streamline Cut-Path Positioning for Printed Materials
    Printed materials sometimes require precision cutting in register with the printing. Common registration methods, including edge registration and pin registration, have accuracy limitations and can present work- flow challenges. To solve these issues, Universal developed camera registration for ILS
  • EIP Application in Registration Machine (.pdf)
    To solve the problem that patients have to stand in line to get registration when seeing a doctor, some medical manufacturer designs automatic registration machine. As the good partner of hospitals and famous EIP manufacturer in domestic market, EVOC Intelligent is always focusing on providing high
  • Vision Squad Files: Using MIL's Registration Module (.pdf)
    This white paper describes how to use the Registration module in the Matrox Imaging Library (MIIL). In vision applications, sometimes the scene requiring inspection is too large for the camera's field of view (FOV). The scene can be acquired by moving a single camera or with multiple cameras
  • FDA Proposes New Rule to Automate Drug Registration and Listing
    to modernize the management of health information. The Electronic Drug Registration and Listing System would make the complete list of drug products marketed in the United States readily accessible electronically. Currently, part of the list is kept on paper. The new proposal would improve the quality
  • Lens Distortion Correction and Registration of Visible and Thermal Infrared Imagery
    for correcting both radial and de-centering lens distortion based on straight lines. Afterwards, registration of both visible and thermal imagery is easily carried out for planar patches by means of a projective transformation. Results obtained from different real scenarios support the methodology and show
  • Medical Device Link .
    A monthly review of new and notable additions to FDA's Web site. Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) Freedom of Information (FOI) Releasable Establishment Registration and Device Listing Files This site provides information on the Medical Device Establishment Registration Master File
  • SID - Society For Information Display
    for SID's premier event! The SID 2006 International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition will take place June 4-9 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, USA. The deadline for advance registrations for SID 2006 is . By registering in advance, you'll not only save on registration fees, you'll