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  • Using Infrared Technology for Sensing and Remote Control Application (.pdf)
    Infrared (IR) technology addresses a broad variety of wireless applications, especially in the areas of sensing and remote control. Today's newest products such as cell phones, digital cameras, and DVD players as well as remote controls for every market segment rely on IR sensing and Control
  • Computer Power User Article - X-Ray Vision: Nintendo Wii Remote
    with the Nunchuk that also connects to the Wiimote. The Nunchuk works with motion sensing, too, allowing for a second controller in a boxing game, for example. Watch Out For Flying Wiimotes For all of the technologies the Wii Remote contains, Nintendo s device isn t perfect. Soon after the Wii debuted
  • Advancements in Wet-to-Wet Pressure Sensing
    This whitepaper discusses the technological advancements of pressure transducers employing remote sensors used in wet-to-wet differential pressure applications and how the installation of these devices is far less challenging than traditional methods.
  • Medical Device Link .
    regularly timed basis with a suitably equipped remote location, such as a nurses ' station. MICS is set to completely replace magnetic-inductive coupling techniques, thereby providing faster data transfer and longer range in pacemaker and defibrillator applications. Magnetic-inductive coupling supports
  • Medical Device Link .
    control treatment options, such as dispensing drugs based on a pre-determined schedule. This kind of remote monitoring and data processing starts with a simple platform that has sensing, control and communication capabilities that can include a radio frequency (RF) transceiver to improve portability
  • Medical Device Link .
    can control treatment activities, such as dispensing drugs on the basis of a predetermined schedule. Performing this kind of remote monitoring and data processing starts with a simple platform that has sensing, control, and communication functionalities, possibly including a radio-frequency (RF
  • PIC16F639 Microcontroller Overview
    The PIC16F639 is a suitable microcontroller for bidirectional communications, remote passive keyless entry and low-frequency sensing applications. The device includes a PIC16F636 microcontroller and a three channel Low-Frequency (LF) front-end device in a single 20-pin SSOP package. These two
  • Unified Optical Scanning Technology - Preface
    compactly as laser scanning. One important exception is the field of remote sensing. Here, passive incoherent radiation from a remote source is collected optically at a distance. Its spatial and spectral composition is analyzed by scanning/detection devices to form organized patterns of pixels

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