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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
OL4054 PLC Radwell Koyo PLCs/Machine Control, PLC Module & Rack OPTILOGIC REMOTE TERMINAL UNIT 4SLOT 8-30VDC
OL4054 PLC Radwell Automation Direct PLCs/Machine Control, PLC Module & Rack OPTILOGIC REMOTE TERMINAL UNIT 4SLOT 8-30VDC
OL4054 PLC Radwell Direct Logic PLCs/Machine Control, PLC Module & Rack OPTILOGIC REMOTE TERMINAL UNIT 4SLOT 8-30VDC
RTU211 PLC Radwell Abb PLCs/Machine Control, VDC Logic I/O Brain/Interface REMOTE TERMINAL UNIT
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  • 3G Cellular Technology in Remote Environmental Monitoring Systems
    system that can be managed in the palm of your hand. 3G solutions for environmental monitoring systems. The world's first wide temperature 3G RTU. As a pioneer in cellular M2M technology, Moxa has released the world's first wide temperature HSDPA-enabled remote terminal unit. Designed to withstand
  • Embedded multi-functions terminal with SBC which had multi-channels
    for reading and writing service information from and to membership cards, cash deposit unit for coins and bills, cash dispenser unit for changes, journal printer that issues tickets and receipts, and page printer that issues schedules and certificates. The terminal is also connected via
  • Application Note on Remote Control of UltraVolt HVPS
    By varying the voltage at the Remote Adjust Input terminal (pin 6) between 0 and +5V, the UV high-voltage power supply (HVPS)'s output voltage can be adjusted. The output voltage can be varied over the full range from 0 to the maximum output voltage. By design, the maximum HVPS output. High Voltage
  • Water Treatment Plant: Remote Supervisory System
    . This system consists of an Ethernet-based remote I/O system, F&eIT. This system samples data from measuring devices (valve ON or OFF status and flow meter analog input information) every second and displays the data and trend graph on an online terminal every two minutes. Features. The solution. F&eIT
  • RTUs-A New Type of Controller with Versatile Programmability
    Programmability empowers system integrators to build their own programs for certain demands, making it an indispensable feature for a controller in today's remote monitoring and control applications. A Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) features more versatile programmability and broader communication
  • Networking and Remote Communication on a Workstation-based Shaker Control System
    Layer Supports various standard services, including telnet (terminal. interface), ftp (file transfer protocol), rcp (remote copy protocol), and tftp (trivial file. transfer protocol similar to ftp without an interactive connection). NFS is a service that enables computers of different architectures
  • Stock and forwarding / an inventory control system with a Handy terminal loading
    . Board Computers. Data Acquisition & Control. DAQ Software & Utilities. Communication. Bus Expansion. Remote I/O. Industrial LAN & Wireless. Inductive Power Distribution. Solutions. System Integration. Digital Signage Solutions. Medical Solutions. Security Solutions. Smart Grid & Energy
  • Controller and RTU Selection Guide
    SIXNET offers many advanced and powerful solutions for your DCS/process controller and Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) requirements. Use the chart below to compare the available models. If you don't see exactly what you need, please contact us because we cater to OEMs.
  • Case Study: Waste Water Management
    Characteristics of Wastewater Treatment Facilities: Require precise control because an error could result in the release of pollutants into the environment. Typically the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system involves a Master Terminal Unit (MTU) and one or more Remote Terminal
  • Open Source, Embedded Linux
    SIXNET is a Clifton Park, NY-based company selling industrial automation systems that embrace Linux. Serving an engineering world of controllers, remote terminal units (RTUs), and embedded firmware, SIXNET has over a 20-year track record of making hardware and software that answer requirements

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