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Parts by Number for Removable Protection Film Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
Patco ® 5560   Berry Plastics Corporation - Engineered Materials Division Industrial Tapes Patco 5560. Polyethylene Removable Protective Film. PATCO polyethylene clean removal tape combines a durable and conformable film backing with a moderate tack, low adhesion acrylic adhesive which will 0t leave residue or damage most surfaces. Applications. General protective masking applications...

Conduct Research Top

  • Long-Term Permanent / Removable Tape - FT 310 (.pdf)
    . •. Removable long-term without leaving any trace of adhesive. Benefits. •. Ease of conversion. •. Removable long-term. •. No trace of adhesive left when removed even after. long-term aging. Paint Protection Systems
  • Medical Device Link .
    seal to protect electronic enclosures from moisture and contaminants. The gasket provides shielding effectiveness of >100 dB up to 1 GHz. 87 Newtown Rd., Danbury, CT 06810. A company offers circuit board shielding with a patented removable cover design to protect sensitive components from noise
  • Filter Capacitor Comparison
    are removable, but not accessible to unauthorized personnel. The working or operational voltage is the maximum voltage that can be continuously sustained. The dielectric utilized to manufacture the capacitor sets this value, which is directly proportional to the distance between ground planes
  • Medical Device Link . Standards, Guidelines, and Recommendations
    , 1996) Specifies a general model for the storage of medical imaging information on removable media. It provides a framework allowing the interchange of various types of medical images and related information on a broad range of physical media. DICOM Part 11: Media Storage Application Profiles (PS 3.11
  • Using Switching Power Supplies with Diode Isolated Capacitor Banks
    self-healing. When dielectric. removable arbor to form a capacitor winding. The foil breakdown occurs the first time, a permanent short-circuit. is formed. This severely limits energy density, life, and microns separating any part of the active dielectric from a. reliability. foil. Note
  • Medical Device Link .
    integral card detect and write protect. Designated the 5638 series, these secure digital association compatible connectors accept the new postage-stamp size of removable flash storage media developed by Toshiba, SanDisk, and Matsushita (Panasonic). The SDM connectors feature a nine-contact
  • Medical Device Link .
    and right-angle versions. Either solder or gold plating is available gold-plated contacts increase mating and unmating cycles to 1000 times. The products are provided with removable contacts for quick and easy contact replacement. A 10.2-mm height allows for high-density mounting. Two forms of locking