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    Supplier Relationship Management Software (SRM) - (53 companies)
    Software Information. Supplier relationship management (SRM) software enables businesses to manage the relationship between buyers and suppliers. Procurement personnel use SRM software to define replenishment strategies, manage contracts, evaluate... Learn More
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    ...machine maintenance services perform repairs, part replacement, or lubrication replenishment on a regular basis and/or according to schedule. Condition monitoring and machine maintenance services also perform predictive maintenance (PdM... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Advertising and Marketing Services Information. Advertising and marketing services evaluate client requirements, develop promotional strategies, implement plans for product branding, and manage advertising campaigns. They also design point... Learn More
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    Lighting protection systems provide reliable electrical connection to the earth or ground and can vary from simple copper rods to sophisticated electrolytic rod systems with active soil moisture replenishment. Lightning protection systems... Learn More
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    ...and recommend an IT solution. Common areas of business technology consulting expertise: Application Management. Enterprise Architecture. IT Strategy & Organization. Tech-Enabled Marketing & Sales. Tech-Enabled Operations. Technology Infrastructure... Learn More
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    Enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) software provides real-time information about manufacturing processes. EMI software helps businesses optimize the performance of these processes and maximize yields. Learn More
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    ...system (MES) software is used to manage and monitor work-in-process on the factory floor. Plant managers and production personnel use MES software to support collaborative manufacturing strategies that are designed to integrate disparate data streams... Learn More
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    Direct mail and fulfillment services are specialized contract services that broadcast mailed marketing materials to target audiences who are usually identified by databases, provided by a direct mail company or the client. Learn More
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    Enterprise content management (ECM) software is used to produce, organize, monitor, search, retrieve, access, and archive paper documents and electronic files. Learn More
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    Knowledge management software (KM) is used to manage the way that information is collected, stored, and retrieved. Learn More
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Conduct Research be successful," Crawford says. An example is seen in the emerging practice of continuous replenishment (CRP), where a facility's use of products is automatically recorded as an order for replacements to inventory. "Without the ability to transfer information about orders and on-hand inventories back and forth..., things of that nature. That's an additional cost and planning requirement. McBride: This varies. Technology is enabling field engineers to be more productive. Engineers outfitted with handheld equipment can instantly scan a device and perhaps place a replenishment order while they're on-site...

...velocity, the process starts when customers pull product from a MedSource plant. To replenish that inventory, MedSource pulls product through its own plant and from suppliers. Replenishment activities commence when inventories hit a “trigger point,” Foster explains. In some cases, MedSource and its... structure and symbology that can be shared across the chain, from picking and shipping, to stock replenishment, to point-of-use data capture. "We all need to focus on the same components," says Theis. "The challenge has been the lack of acceptance of a set of standards. A fundamental problem...

...a specified supplier, in accordance with an agreed Procurement Strategy. More effective in this situation, however, would be "straight-through" processing of purchase orders, where, once a stock item has been requisitioned, the appropriate replenishment order is automatically placed on the agreed...

...changes coincide with future inventory replenishment dates, so that nobody is left with parts they can 't use. This continuous feedback loop and documentation are invaluable for new product development, and contribute to eliminating issues in manufacturing and assembly, while also taking into account...

...supplier, in accordance with an agreed Procurement Strategy. More effective in this situation, however, would be "straight-through" processing of purchase orders, where, once a stock item has been requisitioned, the appropriate replenishment order is automatically placed on the agreed supplier...

...contributors to your supply chain. More than just standard terms and conditions, you need an agreement that will minimize the lead time for stock replenishment. Limiting your stock replenishment time will result in less "emergency freight costs " from your supplier, and will also limit the number of rush...

...and waiting to be shipped to you. It is in your company 's best interest to ensure design changes coincide with future inventory replenishment. You certainly don 't want your supplier to ship parts you can 't use and you can 't expect them to assume responsibility for changes that render your...

...than electronic equipment, needs regular water replenishment, can be. overcharged or undercharged easily and has no built-in warning mechanism prior to failure. 2. Incorrect charging multiplies the. We continue to use the lead-acid battery only because its purchase price is low compared to. water...

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