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  • Demonstrating the Set_Report Request With a PS/2 (R) to USB Keyboard Translator Example
    The Set_Report request is a HID specific command. It was the only provision in Version 1.0 of the USB specification that could send data from the host to a peripheral. This later changed with Version 1.1 and the introduction of the interrupt OUT transfer. All low-speed devices created before
  • Smart Computing Article - Networking Terms To Know
    . These are often placed in networks by programmers for easy troubleshooting, but hackers are especially good at sniffing them out. Synonymous with data transfer rate, and representing the maximum amount of information that can be carried between two networked points in a given span of time
  • USB Device Stack for PIC32 Programmer?s Guide
    it), and the the following URL: device is ready to use. The flexibility and power of the USB requires managing * Supports an multiple number of configurations protocols for device identification, configuration, control and interfaces and data transfer. The Microchip PIC32 USB