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  • A New Technique for Residual Gas Estimation and Modeling in Engines (.pdf)
    This paper addresses the longstanding problems of residual gas measurement during engine dynamometer testing, and of real-time residual modeling for engine control applications. A new method is described which is simple to apply, requiring only currently standard calibration test cell
  • Metal Migration Failures in a Hybrid Device: Interaction of Package Materials, Process Residuals, and Ambient Gases
    species from outgassing organic adhesives, residual cleaning solvents, and other process related materials. These are present as absorbed species and as gases within the package cavity. The constituents in the package ambient can react with the surfaces of wire bonds, bond pads, and substrate
  • Mass Spectroscopy of Metastable Atomic Species in Gas Analysis and Processing Plasmas at High Spectrometer Source Pressures
    . spontaneous de-excitation, may travel to the detector and have sufficient energy to be counted there. The detection of metastable helium may be of importance in the study of reaction processes during hydrogen (H/HD)-Deuterium (D2) plasma fusion, of which the residual fusion byproduct is helium. ash
  • Outgassing Species in Optoelectronic Packages
    accepted method for evaluating internal gas content is Residual Gas Analysis (RGA) via mass spectrometry.
  • Interpretation of RGA Data
    Residual Gas Analysis of hermetic microelectronic devices has traditionally been treated as a means of measuring a device's internal moisture content only. Too many times, the moisture reading is treated on a pass/fail basis using the MIL/STD criteria that all devices must contain less than 5,000
  • MICRO: Green Mfg.
    . An understanding of implantation process gas composition is essential for achieving the desired level of vacuum performance. The measurements illustrated in Figure 1, which shows the results of several residual-gas analyses (RGAs) from medium- and high-current implanters, correlate well with earlier work
  • MICRO: Critical Materials Analysis
    or residual compounds from prior processes, and reactive flows, in which high-purity gases are used for chemical incorporation in film growth. Typically, point-of-use purification systems are used in conjunction with high-purity gas supplies to ensure that water is not introduced into the process stream
  • MICRO:April 98:Product Technology News
    at millitorr pressure. On-line process monitoring, control, purity verification, and residual gas analysis can be performed in real time using a Windows-based program. Mass range is 3/4300 amu. The analyzers are programmable and also feature multiple-head operation. The FPA-3000EX5 resolves 0.22- um features

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