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  • Phenolic Resins
    Phenolic resins are thermosetting molding compounds and adhesives that offer strong bonds and good resistance to high temperatures. Phenolic or phenol formaldehyde, urea formaldehyde, furan and melamine resins fit into this category.  Phenolic resin adhesives made from chemicals of the phenol group
  • Unfilled Resins
    Raw materials or unfilled resins do not contain any additional modifiers such as fillers, colorants, dispersants, plasticizers, wetting agents, levelers or defoamers. Unfilled resins are used as starting components or raw materials for the production of finished plastic resins, elastomers
  • Epoxy (EP) Resins
    . Depending on the formulation, epoxy resins are used as casting resins, potting agents, resin binders, or laminating resins in fiberglass or composite construction. Epoxy (EP) resins are also used as encapsulants, electrical conductors in microelectronic packaging, and adhesives in structural bonding
  • Water-based Adhesive Resins
    Water-based or water borne adhesive resins are water soluble or water emulsion-based resin systems that typically do not contain any VOC solvents. Water-based adhesive resins usually present fewer environmental or regulatory control problems. Latex disprsion is another term for producs with similar
  • SLA Resin Comparison
    Rapid prototyping service bureaus are often the first to hear the new marketing claims of the resin suppliers, all claiming to offer the latest and greatest resins. They all sound great at the onset, but many resins don't quite live up to the marketing claims. At the same time, you as a customer
  • Sealless Resin Pumps
    The design of sealless internal gear pumps makes them an engineered solution for environmentally conscious fluid-handling that lowers maintenance costs and eliminates environmental costs-all of which are primary concerns when manufacturing, handling and transporting resins. The pump removes
  • Two-part Casting Resin
    or forms. A multi-component system typically consists of two separate components (A + B) where A is the resin and B is the catalyst or hardener. The user or fabricator mixes the components to start the curing process. Two or multi-component adhesive or sealant systems consist of two or more resins
  • Epoxy Resin Crystallization
    is possible in all epoxy resin and hardeners. It is the phase change of a material from a liquid to a solid crystalline state. The main ingredient of most epoxy resins is a solid material at room temperature. Exposure to extreme cold, temperature cycles and other factors may induce crystal growth

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