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  • AlliedSignal Automotive Brake Division Improves Productivity with ARMEX (R)
    by using mold patterns and core box molds. A core box is the mold pattern that makes a cavity in the finished casting. In other words, to make a casting with an internal cavity, you must create a solid mold aorund, which the molten iron can be poured. These solid molds, which are made from sand
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    Prototypes or limited production runs of plastic injection-molded parts can be provided in less than 3 weeks. The company also provides rubber molds, polyurethane duplicates, metal castings, and patterns for investment casting, sand casting, and vacuum molding. 9139 Lurline Ave., Chatsworth, CA
  • NET-SHAPE metal parts in one shot
    into a plastic model. The model then served as a pattern for the investment casting. Rapid-prototyped parts can also act as patterns from which to build temporary resin molds. The molds can then be used to make a limited number of wax patterns. A representative sample of investment-cast parts shows
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    capacity extends from tooling and fixture design to component parts. The single-source contractor also performs machining of investment castings, sand and die castings, and permanent molded castings. Criterion Instrument, Booth 255 Page 2 of Product Preview Return to the MPMN home page
  • SteeLog (R) - A Metallurgical Dictionary
    to paper and cloth by glue or resin. Natural abrasives include emery, corundum, garnet, sand, flint, etc. Metallic shot and grit are also used as abrasives in cleaning castings. Abrasive - Natural – sandstone,emery,corundum,diamonds, or Artificial – silicon carbide,aluminum oxide – material used
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Rapid Prototyping
    for small-run items and RTV molding. It can also be used for casting, sand casting, and die casting, and is a hands-on way for companies to further product development. The company's other services include short-run injection molding, mold inserts, and sheet-metal-forming prototypes. Vista
  • Medical Device Link . Accelerating the Product Development Cycle Familiarity with techniques that speed up the design process can help manufacturers increase profit margins by beating the competition to market and extending the product's life cycle.
    and casting techniques, such as sand casting, shell casting, investment casting, and rubber plaster molding (RPM), can be accelerated with various rapid prototyping patterns or molds. Ask your rapid prototype vendors for suggestions and methods. It's impossible in a short article to cover the many