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  • Medical Device Link . Improving Resistance Welding Process Control in Medical Applications
    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry New systems enhance manufacturers' control over key variables during the welding process. During the past two decades, resistance welding has become a widespread method for joining metals in medical manufacturing applications such as biosensors, catheters
  • Battery Welding Solutions Using Resistance & Laser Technologies (.pdf)
    In the battery industry, the use of resistance welding for electrical connectivity and battery pack manufacture dates back many decades. The weld controls that provided the foundation for this market were Capacitive Discharge (CD) and AC welders. This technology remained largely unchanged for many
  • Medical Device Link .
    to reduce costs and time-scales creates a tension. Companies tend to push through the first stages of development focusing on device performance with less regard to device cost. Later, when cost pressures surface, there is usually considerable resistance to making design improvements. This resistance
  • TMR Magnetic Sensor Technology Development History
    was gradual on the TMR effect over the next decade or so. The Spin-Dependent Tunneling (SDT) effect is the physical mechanism of the resistance change that one measures as TMR.
    The concept of fatigue resistance in flexible shaft coupling design has been highly valued by R+W since its inception in 1990. For much of its first two decades in business the company focus was almost exclusively on couplings for high performance servo drive technology. When it comes to machinery
  • Low Friction, Hard, and Corrosion Resistant (.pdf)
    The surface treatments used in the manufacturing of parts for the automotive industry have to meet both functional and decorative requirements. The functional demands on modern automotive systems include increased load and corrosion resistance, a longer life span, and the reduction of weight
  • Plastics for the long haul
    a wide range of temperatures. Hostaform acetal copolymer (lightcolored parts) and Fortron PPS ( darkcolored parts) possess excellent fuel resistance and dimensional stability under these conditions. Acetal copolymer (POM) and homopolyer (POM-H) have good dimensional stability, resist chemicals
  • Medical Device Link .
    , corrosion resistance, tensile strength, fatigue strength, modulus, wear resistance, processing, and cost. The vast majority of cobalt-based orthopedic implants worldwide have been manufactured using castings of ASTM F75, a cobalt-based alloy. Casting in this alloy provides desirable processing
  • Applications of Solder Fortification With Preforms
    starved" condition,. the large quantity of solder paste used to form the though-hole joint results. in excess residual flux. This residual flux can lead to difficulties in in-circuit. testing and potential surface insulation resistance concerns.
  • Applications of Solder Fortification TM With Preforms (.pdf)
    " condition, the large quantity of solder paste used to form the though-hole joint results in excess residual flux. This residual flux can lead to difficulties in in-circuit testing and potential surface insulation resistance concerns.

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