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  • Why Measure Soil Resistivity?
    Soil resistivity measurements have a threefold purpose. First, such data is used to make sub-surface geophysical surveys as an aid in identifying ore locations, depth to bedrock and other geological phenomena. Second, resistivity has a direct impact on the degree of corrosion in underground
  • Electrical Resistivity of Zirconia Fiber Products
    Electrical Resistivity of ZIRCAR Zirconia fibers
  • Sm-Co and Pr-Fe-B Magnets with Increased Electrical Resistivity
    Fully dense composite magnets produced by sintering blends of Sm(Co,Fe,Cu,Zr)zandCaF3precursor powders had an electrical resistivity 30% higher than conventionalSm(Co,Fe,Cu,Zr)zmagnets. The magnetic performance was only slightly altered with theaddition of 2.5 wt% of CaF2: Br = 10.8 kG, Hci> 25 kOe
  • Using Liqui-Cel (R) Membrane Contactors to Solve Resistivity Problems
    Pureflow, Inc. is a Southeastern-based expert in designing complete water treatment systems. as well as providing value-added solutions for fixing operational issues in existing systems. Pureflow teamed up with Membrana to help solve an operational issue at one of their customer's facilities. The
  • Simultaneous Thermal Conductivity and Thermal Resistivity Measurement in Foods (.pdf)
    Heating and cooling of food is one of the earliest applications of science to foods. A thermal process is applied to any system in which heat energy is transferred to or from the product. The thermal properties of food are its ability to conduct, store, and lose heat. These properties are inherent
  • Uses for Electrical Meters Part 1
    There are many types of electrical meters, but their uses are not always clear. This week we are going to focus on voltmeters, resistivity meters and nanocoulomb meters.
  • Thermal Resisitivity of Porous Materials (Soils) Change with Changes in Density, Water Content, Temperature and Composition (.pdf)
    Decagon's KD2 measures the thermal resistivity of materials. These measurements are fast and accurate, but there is a limit to the number of samples that can be tested, and the sampling and testing procedure itself may affect the reading obtained. The purpose of this note is to give insight
  • PIN Diode Basics
    there are impurities, typically boron, which cannot. be segregated out of the crystal. Such impurities contribute carriers,. holes or electrons, which are not very tightly bound to the. lattice and therefore lower the resistivity of the silicon. The resistivity of the I region and thus the diode resistance

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