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    the amines to extensively. ionize. Thus, as acid gases are added to the amine solution, they not only contribute their ionization,. but cause the amine to ionize more completely. Since aromatics have a resonance structure based on. the alternating single and double bonds, aromatics have greater attractive
  • Basic Principle of Cavity Resonance and Circuit Board Housing
    . Usually, a magnetically loaded absorber such as ECCOSORB MCS or BSR is recommended due to the fact that the E field goes to zero at the cavity walls while the H field is at a maximum giving a material with high magnetic loss the best absorption characteristics.
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    of cortical bone ( ). This may have implications for the prevention of bone resorption due to stress shielding.PEEK is naturally radiolucent and allows clinicians to assess healing and bone formation around an implant without the interference of X-ray scatter or the generation of magnetic resonance imaging
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    that are larger than 80 nm in diameter are gold.8. Plasmon Resonance as a Function of Interparticle Spacing. Figure 4. The maximum absorption measured for colloidal gold solutions, showing a shift in wavelength as particle diameter increases. (Data courtesy BBInternational Ltd.; Cardiff, UK.) (Click to enlarge
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    at the Institute for Biodiagnostics for the diagnostic classification of magnetic resonance spectra, and has since been adopted for the classification of IR spectra.9 Following this scheme, each spectrum is condensed to a set of 5 15 regions that, when presented together, provide the basis for diagnostic
  • Medical Device Link . Stabilization of Gamma-Irradiated Polycarbonate
    chromatography combined with mass spectrometry, and electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy. Results have been informative, but diverse. Furthermore, the root cause of the yellow-green color in gamma-irradiated PC samples at room temperature has yet to be well established in the literature
  • Basic Vocabulary in Acoustics
    ��. ������(Average) : �̤j���T��0.637��. �ö��W�v(Resonate Frequency): ���鮶�ʪ��۵M�W�v. �۵M����(Free Field) : �S����ê��,�S���Ϯg�n�i������/�Ŷ�. �n�������ز{�H. < Reflection / �Ϯg > < Absorption / �l�� > < Refraction / ��g >. < Diffraction / ¶�g > < Diffusion / �X�� > < Resonance / �@�� >
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    . Materials close to the surface transfer heat more rapidly to the piezofilm. Of course, other methods can distinguish between events distant from a sensor surface, particularly surface plasmon resonance and surface acoustic wave techniques. One advantage of surface plasmon resonance techniques

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