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  • Flow Valves
    called an adjustable restrictor valve. For some tasks, adjustability is either unimportant or potentially harmful. For such tasks, a fixed resistor valve can be used. Basically, it consists of a check valve with an orifice embodied in the valve. Some fixed restrictors make provision
  • Materials Engineering: Flow control: A novel use for porous metal
    as 0.01 in., or less. Single orifices and capillary tubes are also sensitive to the presence of particulate matter in the gas stream that could deposit in the orifice and adversely alter the gas flow rate versus pressure drop. "In contrast, porous metal-flow restrictors contain hundreds of small pores
  • Medical Device Link . Microtechnology Opens Doors to the Universe of Small Space
    . Among the medical applications that involve microfabrication and assembly techniques are drug-delivery systems that use micropumps or flow restrictors to precisely administer medicine over time, microneedles that are used as medical implants to stimulate nerves or as ultrasharp lancets
  • Medical Device Link .
    helps to transform the high speed of the motor into the lower speed and high torque required for the extruder. The hopper should hold enough resin pellets or granules to last at least two to three hours; when medical products are being extruded, the hopper's flow restrictors should be left fully open
  • Air Gaging Gets Better With Age
    comes down to the air jet itself-the small orifice through which air creates the physical conditions for a measurement. ./1916fcc5-e765-471c-a9fe-f60a606e967f March 2008. Ma. R. ch. 200. 8. Q. uality. www. V. Rockwell Standard. O. L. UME. Revealed p.34. 4. 7
  • Three Process Conditions That Affect Accuracy And Performance Of Pressure Gauges (.pdf)
    . solely on a needle valve to address pulsation, due to the fact that the user could inadvertently. open the valve, and thereby negate flow restriction. In clean fluids (gases or clean low viscosity. liquids) a threaded orifice/flow restrictor or a sintered metal snubber is the least costly way

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