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Parts by Number for Retractable Wire Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
U20971 PLC Radwell Escha Sensors & Switches, QD Cable & Cord Set EUROFAST RETRACTABLE CORDSET 4 WIRE
U20971 PLC Radwell Turck Elektronik Sensors & Switches, QD Cable & Cord Set EUROFAST RETRACTABLE CORDSET 4 WIRE

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  • Diving into the World of Spiral Cables
    one or both need to move with relation to the other.â For example, the cables that connect telephone handsets to bases are retractable spiral cables. There are some spiral cables that remain stationary, while others are pulled out and retracted hundreds of times per day (like the spiral cables
  • Everything You Need To Know About Curly Cords
    relative to the other.”. Curly cords are also known as: Coil Cord. Coiled Cable. Spiral Cables. Coil Cable Retractile. Retractable Cable. These names signify that these cords are coiled, curly and retractable. An example of a common use is the modern telephone: curly cords are what attach handsets
  • Percent Concentration Control (.pdf)
    . ISC40FS/ISC40FF Insertion of Flow-thru assembly. ISC40PR Retractable assembly. ISC40G General Purpose Sensor. ISC40S Intrinsically Safe Sensor. Where are the Opportunities. You will find these applications in many industries. Demineralized water systems use caustic and acid solutions. to regenerate
  • Medical Device Link . Showstoppers
    construction principles enable individual machines to be linked to form integrated production lines. A selection of compatible washing, sterilization, filling, closing, inspection, and labelling machines is available. Electrical components. Medical-grade 24-W cord set fitted with retractable plug
  • 3D Probing & Material Surface Scanning (.pdf)
    occur accidentally or by. design. Unlike conventional sensing equipment, the Z-Correction Probe never gets in the way. because it is permanently mounted right next to the spindle. The Z-Correction Probe is pneu-. matically retractable, so it is extended only when needed. Based on its integrated design
  • Grounding Clamps & Cables - Essentials for Safety and Reliability (.pdf)
    thickness 300ìm - 675ìm. resistance to abrasion, mechanical wear and most types of. ?. Ohm meter range 0 - 1000 Ohms. chemical corrosion when used in a retractable spiral, keeps. ?. From the range of purpose designed static. earth cable handling simple, and options are available with a. grounding clamps

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