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  • Reverse Recovery Time
    . extremes. No dwell @25°C. 3). Interim Electrical. Forward Voltage Drop. Leakage Current. 14. 4). High Temperature. Method 1038. 96 hrs min. @ TA=150°C. Reverse Bias (HTRB). Condition A. and min. applied voltage. MIL-STD-750. at 80% of rated VR. (TC or TL is optional). 5). Final Electrical. Method
  • How Opto-couplers Work
    The HV diode is commonly referred to as the "photo diode". The photo diode junctions are light sensitive, which means when the diode is exposed to light while reverse biased, the leakage current through it goes up. The brighter the light from the LED, the higher the leakage current through the HV
  • Explanation of Maximum Ratings and Characteristics for Thyristors
    voltage so that breakover will not. gate condition and gate resistance termination is designated for. occur during operation. Leakage current is controlled at this volt-. this rating. An increased reverse leakage can result due to a pos-. age so that the temperature rise due to leakage power does
  • SP720, SP721 and SP723 Turn-On and Turn-Off Characteristics (.pdf)
    typically 5nA of leakage and the quiescent power supply current has 50nA of current. an9708. SP720, SP721 and SP723 Turn-On and. Turn-Off Characteristics. Application Note. March 1997. AN9708. Author: Wayne Austin. Introduction. The purpose of this Application Note is to focus on customer. returns
  • Fundamental Characteristics of Thyristors (.pdf)
    Thyristors. AN1001. Electrical Characteristic Curves of Thyristors. +I. +I. Voltage Drop (VT) at. I. Specified Current (i. T. T). Latching Current (IL). IH. RS. Off - State Leakage. Reverse Leakage. Current - (I. I. DRM) at. S. Current - (I. Specified VDRM. RRM) at. Specified V. Minimum Holding. RRM. I
  • AN-0000 - General Opto-coupler Notes
    of the high voltage diode. The high voltage diode is reverse-biased, so that the leakage current through the. diode varies in response to the light levels from the LEDs. 8711 W. Roosevelt Ave. Visalia, CA 93271 Phone: (559) 651-1402 Fax: (559) 651-0740 Voltage
  • Resource: Diode Tutorial
    a small current in the forward direction up to a threshold voltage, 0.3 for germanium and 0.7 for silicon ; after that it conducts as we might expect. The forward voltage drop, Vf, is specified at a forward current, If. Leakage current In the reverse direction there is a small leakage current
  • Using a Digital Potentiometer to Optimize a Precision Single Supply Photo Detect
    . Potentiometer. A reverse bias voltage across the photodiode wil. +5V. cause an increase in leakage current, I. Light. L. When the. Source. reverse bias voltage exceeds several mil ivolts,. linearity starts to be compromised in precision circuits. ISC. MCP601. VOUT. With large voltages, this leakage current

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