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  • Description: ECS gets your products off the drawing board and into production Working with OEMs in a variety of high-tech industries, we specialize in the development and production of precision mechanical and electromechanical components and devices. From the initial design consultation to the final production

    • Services: Design Assistance / Review, Die / Tool Fabrication, Prototype / Short Run, High Volume Production, Assembly Services, Specialty Packaging
    • Materials: Aluminum, Copper, Exotic Metals and Alloys, Precious Metals, Plastics / Polymers, Steel / Stainless Steel
    • Processes: Cold Extrusion, Hot Extrusion, Hydrostatic Extrusion, Impact Extrusion, Reverse / Backwards Extrusion, Wire Drawing
    • Secondary Operations: Anodizing, Electroplating, Grinding, Heat Treating / Stress Relieving, Machining, Painting / Powder Coating, Printing / Labeling

  • Description: "Your Single Source For Custom Extruded Aluminum Products And Quality Parts" In the fast-moving world of manufacturing, successful companies must be focused on producing quality products while simultaneously reducing customer's costs. Northern States Metals accomplishes just that while providing a

    • Services: Design Assistance / Review, Die / Tool Fabrication, Prototype / Short Run, High Volume Production, Assembly Services, Specialty Packaging
    • Materials: Aluminum
    • Processes: Hydrostatic Extrusion, Impact Extrusion, Reverse / Backwards Extrusion
    • Secondary Operations: Anodizing, Bending/Forming, Cutting, Drilling/Punching, EDM Cutting, Electroplating, Grinding, Heat Treating / Stress Relieving, Machining, Painting / Powder Coating, Printing / Labeling, Welding

  • Description: No Description Provided

    • EDM Capabilities: Wire EDM
    • Specialty Machining: Tool & Die Manufacturing, Jigs and Fixtures
    • Length Capacity: Less than 1", 1" - 3", 3" - 6", 6" - 48", Greater than 48"
    • Materials: Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Nickel / Nickel Alloys, Stainless Steel, Steel / Steel Alloys

  • Description: Hole pattern allows for wider extrusions around door frame, reverse butt

    • Hinge Type: Strap Hinge
    • Unequal Leaves: Yes
    • Hinge Direction (Only if applicable.): Reversible
    • Hole Type: Round

  • Description: ), adjustable output voltage for charging standard or deep cycle lead-acid, VRLA or Gel cell type battery and rugged, military grade extrusion Safety features include: reverse input protection, over-temperature shutdown, current limiting, short circuit protection with automatic recovery, input undervoltage

    • Multi-Bank Charger: Yes
    • Charger Type / Applications: General Purpose, Electrical Utility Industry, Gel Cell Charger, Industrial / Plant Automation and Control, Boat and Marine, Telecom
    • Charger Power Source: DC
    • Battery / Chemistry Type: Gel Cell, Lead Acid, VRLA

  • Description: Machining of aluminum extrusions to your specifications is our specialty. Our CNC’s are of a lighter duty and designed especially for milling aluminum extrusions that maintain higher efficiency rates. Your project is evaluated and processed on the most efficient mill for the job; savings

    • Machining Capabilities: Drilling, Milling
    • Secondary Operations: Welding, Other
    • Specialty Machining: CNC Machining, Forging Machining, Extrusion Machining
    • Materials: Aluminum

  • Supplier: Tanfel

    Description: Extrusion • Stamping • Die Casting • CNC-Machining & Lathe • MIM • Wire Forming • Etching

    • Capabilities: Drilling, Milling, Turning, Deep Hole Drilling, Etching / Chemical Milling, Honing, Jig Boring, Screw Machining, Wire EDM
    • Number of Axes: 2-axis Machining, 3-axis Machining
    • Specialty Machining: Gear Manufacturing, Jigs and Fixtures, Casting Machining, Forging Machining, Extrusion Machining, Rotary Transfer Machining, Tool & Die Manufacturing
    • Length Capacity: Less than 1", 1" - 3", 3" - 6", 6" - 48"

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  • CFD Takes Guess Work Out of Manufacturing Extrusions
    helps shorten die-design tasks with die balancing and reverse engineering. "Die balancing finds manufacturing conditions that generate a uniform flow at the die exit. And reverse engineering estimates the shape of the die-lip (die exit) cross section when the final profile differs from the die-lip
  • Geomagic Studio 10 Improves Your Workflow
    The solution's new Fashion module is an impressive addition to the Geomagic Studio arsenal. The starting point for the Fashion workflow is the Polygon scan data. The world of reverse engineering is still emerging as technology support, user adoption, and workflow optimization continues to expand
  • Application Article: Economical, Accurate Gantry Table Key to Development of New Laser Scanner Line
    product. "This new product has filled an important gap in our capabilities by allowing us to offer a very accurate reverse engineering tool at a price that can be afforded by small and medium sized shops," said Martin Schuster, Chairman and Founder of Laser Design.". A gantry base that provides high
  • Medical Device Link .
    device. This is done, as discussed above, by controlling the internal air pressure while varying the speed at which the product is being extruded. Simply put, the puller speed is lowered while the internal air pressure is increased to create the larger diameter; then the reverse brings the tube back
  • Medical Device Link .
    ; and an ergonomic handle. The machine is suited for performing inspections, tool certification, CAD-to-part analysis, and reverse engineering. A service provider employs a five-step ceramic injection molding (CIM) process consisting of tool design and manufacturing, mixing, molding, debinding
  • Medical Device Link .
    materials, reverse-flighted elements are used to create pressure fields, and kneaders and shear elements are used to mix and melt. Screws can be made shear intensive or less aggressive based on the number and type of shearing elements integrated into the screw program. Figure 3. Modular screws
  • Medical Device Link . MEDTEC 98 Exhibitor Profiles
    system. Stand 714 TNO Medical Technology A Netherlands-based notified body for the Medical Devices Directive and the Active Implantable Medical Devices Directive supplies industrial design and engineering services. Expertise includes rapid prototyping technologies, direct tooling, reverse
  • Medical Device Link .
    the bubble. The reverse takes place during the transition from the large- to the small-diameter section of the tube. The puller also delivers the tube to an on-demand cutter, which is activated to cut the tube at points 1 and 2 to create a tube with an integral connector. COOLING AND SIZING