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  • Useful Definitions for Specifying Anatech Filter Products (.pdf)
    , and metal conductivity. This specification becomes very important with filters. designed to handle high RF input power levels because. energy loss or high dissipation can cause the filter to. fail. ┬ęCopyright 2009. Anatech Electronics, Inc. 70 Outwater Lane,. Garfield, NJ 07026. Email
  • Specifying Filters: Get It Right The First Time! (.pdf)
    cut-off and high isolation: A filter attenuating a signal just 3. MHz away must be able to reject signal strength by more than 40 dB outside its. passband. Filters today exhibit sharp cut-off characteristics and this requirement. becomes very important when services operate very close to each other
  • Getting it Right the First Time When Specifying Filters - What Electronic Engineers Need to Know (.pdf)
    In a classic case of what you don't know can hurt you, design engineers with advanced knowledge of digital electronics are discovering an urgent need to brush up on RF basics when it comes to specifying filters for. wireless devices. Failure to take into account the fundamental aspects of filter
  • Medical Device Link .
    left leg, etc. As a patient recovers, the need for stationary monitoring is replaced by the need for mobility. In the hospital, a patient may carry a pocket-sized portable ECG monitor that connects to a central station using a low-powered RF link.3 A Holter monitor, which uses only a few electrodes
  • Rescue Microvolts from Volts of Noise
    specification of the typical. with the desired signal. conditioner amplifier. Sources of high-frequency. What applications need the 778?. noise include fluorescent lights (the new RF excited. 1. Hopkinson bar testing that involves high strain. types including most compact fluorescent lights