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  • RF/MW Down Converter Development in a PXI Form Factor (.pdf)
    Automatic Test System (ATS): Notional Block Diagram. Copyright 2008 Phase Matrix, Inc. The Down-converter functional block is perhaps. minimum bus latency. However from an RF/MW. the most critical component in the measurement. perspective, PXI presents a number of challenges. path [8] [9
  • A Flexible Family of PXI RF/MW Downconverter Modules (.pdf)
    processing building blocks in a. objective of the effort was to design and develop a family of Radio. modular open architecture environment [4]. The Down. Frequency (RF) and Microwave(MW)Down Converter modules in a. Converter functional block is perhaps the most critical. small form factor called PXI(PCI
  • Programming The AD35 DC/DC Converter
    is set for the V maximum of 200V. the emitter of Q1 (between R2 cathode and the. O. O. output of the OPAM inside A1 anode). The accuracy. of the linear block depends only on the accuracy of. V and its feedback network R4 and R5. IN. +Vo 5. +Vo. Rf. cc. cc. Vcc. R4. 8. A1. +. Vo ADJ. 525. R5. -. Vin
  • DC/DC Converters With Linear Regulators
    , the interface of a DC/DC converter. PCH. CC. Co1. Co2. R2. -Vout. RC. and a linear regulator is not as straightforward as it may ap-. Vo2 ADJ. PWM. RA. pear at first glance. Previous generation converters with linear. RB. R1. Vz. regulators were designed with a DC chopper at the front end. -Vout. RF
  • Converting User-Defined IQ Data Files For Use With The IFR 3410 Series Digital RF Signal Generator (.pdf)
    included. Converting user-defined IQ data files for use with the IFR 3410 Series Digita RF Signal Generator Application. Note. Converting user-defined IQ data files. for use with the IFR 3410 Series Digital. RF Signal Generator. is a powerful software tool that provides all the. necessary features
  • Ratiometric Sensing Using the PIC16C774
    This application note shows how to use the PIC16C774 microcontroller (MCU) in a ratiometric sensing application. A block diagram of the application is shown in Figure 1. The design takes advantage of the advanced analog peripherals of the PIC16C774, including a 12-bit A/D converter and two on-chip
  • Wireless Infrastructure Tutorial and Primer
    Wireless communication involves the transport of voice, video and data using Radio Frequency (RF) or Microwaves. Radio Frequency is defined as a rate of oscillation or frequency within a range of approximately 3kHz to 300 GHz. Typical Radio Frequency applications include... Wireless Infrastructure
  • Schottky Mixer Feature High Dynamic Range
    taken after the amplifier stage, the module is an. ideal building block for a synthesized up converter or down converter. This particular module was originally designed for a synthesized PCN down converter. however; it may also be used as a building block for a low phase noise synthesized. source

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